Research degrees - Doctoral and Masters

Induction and candidature

Deakin provides an induction program and effective supervision for all research degree students.

There are a number of key milestones in your candidature including your candidature agreement, confirmation, and demonstrating satisfactory progress via the annual review.

All students are encouraged to publish their work during candidature as it has many advantages.

You can update your personal details and apply to change the terms of your candidature via the online forms.

Want to know more? Here are your candidature questions answered.

Scholarships and support

Funding is available to support students during their studies. Check out the research scholarships listing to see if you qualify.

Our research degrees scholarships and awards page provides information on prizes and awards and other scholarship recipient information.

Deakin wants you to succeed in your studies and therefore provides a wide range of support and resources.

There are a number of resources that provide advice on completing a research degree and advice for life after the PhD.

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Your thesis and examination

Your thesis structure can be formed in a number of ways. There is a considerable amount of advice available to help you with the writing up.

Please read the examination procedures and forms and guidelines prior to submitting your thesis into the HDR examination system.

Deakin also provides information about what happens after submission, after lodgement and what your examination outcome could be.

Policies and procedures

Research degrees at Deakin are governed by a suite of policies and procedures. You should familiarise yourself with these early in your candidature.

During your research studies you may need information regarding ethics, intellectual property and commercialisation.

For international research degree students queries or concerns on the ESOS Code should be directed to an International Student Adviser.

Training and workshops

Deakin strongly encourages all students to attend training and workshops organised by Deakin Research.

A complete program of workshops is available. The workshops provide an important introduction to research degree studies and a great deal of advice on how to complete your course and have a good research experience.

You need to register your attendance in the Event Registration System.

News, events and activities

During the year we have a number of activities for research degree students including the three minute thesis competition.

Join our Facebook page to network with other Deakin research degree students or keep up-to-date with news and events.

Have your details changed?

Changes to your personal details such as your address should by updated via StudentConnect. Scholarship students should also update their address details on DeakinPeople by selecting 'My HR' from the main menu and then selecting 'Personal Information'.

Scholarship students should update banking details via DeakinPeople by selecting 'My HR' from the main menu and then selecting 'Payroll and Compensation'.

Changes to your name or citizenship require supporting documentation and should be forwarded to the HDR Candidature Manager, and for international students, also to Deakin International.

Do you need to talk to someone?

If you experience problems or need to make a complaint during your candidature, it is important this is tackled without delay.

Deakin HDR staff are available to answer all your enrolment, candidature, scholarship, and examination enquiries.

International Student Advisers provide a wide range of advice including help with personal issues and general visa queries for international students.

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