DU NCI application process

  1. Read NCI application information for more information on the application process and evaluation criteria
  2. Submit a completed member allocation application form (DOC 34KB) to the allocation administrator (eresearch-compute@deakin.edu.au)
  3. The allocations committee will review all applications on a quarterly basis
  4. The allocation administrator will advise all lead researchers of the results of their application
  5. The allocation administrator will set-up project details in NCI's Raijin system, for all successful lead project applications


  • To maintain the integrity of Deakin's NCI discretionary share the allocation administrator will be the only person authorised to submit the details of an approved project to NCI
  • The allocation administrator will assign researchers, who are on the application form, to the NCI project as part of the initial administration of the project
  • Once a project has initially setup, the Deakin lead researcher will be responsible for assigning researchers and performing any other administrative tasks
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