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The Deakin University Resource Allocation Committee (DUNRAC) will allocate a total of 3 million service units (SU), or core-hours, of compute time for the calendar year on the NCI peak system, Raijin.

Note: this information should be read in conjunction with the FAQ. The conditions below are aligned with the ANU process for their internal allocation.

Who can apply?

The NCI Deakin Partner Share is available for use by researchers and postgraduate students (through their supervisors) at Deakin University. All access is subject to conditions of use and other policies, including a requirement to acknowledge NCI in publications.

Application conditions

  1. The required length and rigour of the proposal will depend on the allocation requested. This requirement is intended to:    
    • to help the DUNRAC more rigorously assess larger requests, and
    • to simplify the applications procedure for smaller requests.

    It will also allow collections of researchers to include multiple projects in a single application. The maximum length of a proposal will depend on the number of Service Unit (SU) equivalents requested (see table). Keeping in mind there is a limit of 650 KSU available to allocate each quarter.

    Requested SUs Proposal requirement
    200,000 (200 KSU) 500 words (2 pages)
    Less than 100,000 (< 100 KSU) 250 words (1 pages)
  2. Requests will be quantized within each range.

    Whilst all requests must be justified in terms of the nature of the calculations to be performed. However, to simplify the task of the DUNRAC, time will be allocated in terms of specific quanta (see table).

    Requested SUs Allocation increment (SU)
    200,000 – 500,000 (200 KSU to 500 KSU) 50,000
    Less than 200,000 (< 200KSU) 20,000

Application form specifics

The structure of the form and the information sought is summarised below:

  • Project Title
  • Details of the researchers
  • Australian research classification codings (see ANZSRC FoR and SEO codes)
  • Proposal summary
  • Related projects
  • Outcomes from previous allocation (if applicable)
  • Publications and research funding
  • Research track record of each Chief Investigator
  • Resource requirements and justification of needs
    • Resource requests (SU and storage)
    • Justify the total amount of time (SU) requested
    • Justify the total amount of data storage requested
    • Indicate why access is critical to your work
    • Describe the algorithms used and the types of calculations involved
    • Describe the nature of your jobs (distributed vs single CPU vs GPU)
    • Special software requirements
    • Other special requirements
  • In the case of an extension to an existing project, progress report for this new application to continue

Evaluation criteria

Research quality

  • Merit of the research
  • Potential to generate new knowledge
  • Originality
  • Experience of the project team
    • When postdoctoral fellow or researcher, experience of the applicant will be considered
    • When a postgraduate student, supervisor considered

Computational assessment

  • Appropriateness of the computational resource
    • e.g. if the problem is embarrassingly parallel, then other options might be more suitable
    • Will the project use the facility efficiently?
    • Will stated research outcomes be reached?
    • Will over requests be required?
    • How confident are the time estimations?
  • Reasonable of the level of resources requested
    • Relative to the amount that Deakin has available
    • Needed to make adequate progress in the proposed research program
  • Is this a new project or existing project with new questions to answer?

Application process

The application process details all the steps required to submit an application.

Obtaining access

Deakin will facilitate access via an application process aligned with the NCMAS. An evaluation committee will meet quarterly to review and approve application to Deakin's NCI discretionary share. Use the Deakin NCI member allocation application form (DOC 34KB) to initiate the application process.


  1. If you already have an NCI user account this can be used for this project and any future projects
  2. If you do not have an NCI user account you will need to obtain one directly from NCI
  3. If other researchers need access to the project and they do not have an NCI user account they will need to obtain one directly from NCI

Evaluation Allocation

Lead researchers can apply to the allocation administrator for 1,000 SUs (on Raijin) for the purposes of evaluating the suitability of NCI's facilities for your research.

Utilisation Reports

The allocation administrator will receive utilisation information from NCI on a monthly basis and distributed to all lead researchers of active projects.


Contact the Deakin allocation administrator ( if you have any questions.

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