Tools for Managing Research Data

Deakin provides a number tools to assist you to manage your data.

Research Data Footprints

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Research Data Footprints is a tool that will enable you to create a data management plan and describe your data collections for archiving, discovery, and reuse or possible publication.

You can access Research Data Footprints with your Deakin username and password. Information on how to use Research Data Footprints can be found in the Research Data Footprints Guide or in the help found within the tool.

Note: Please use Firefox to access Research Data Footprints. There are known issues with Internet Explorer.

Research Data Store

The Research Data Store (RDS) is a tool that enables you to create data storage space on Deakin infrastructure for your project.  You can also publish data to the wider world with the RDS, in this case it is attached to a metadata record from Research Data Footprints.

You can access the RDS with your Deakin username and password.  Information on how to use the RDS can be found in the RDS User Guide (PDF, 1.9MB) or within the tool itself.

As well as via traditional mapped drives, you can also access storage provisioned through the RDS via an interactive server.  For those of you who are familiar with Unix command line will find this useful to pull and push data from the RDS.  Information on how to access this is located in the wiki.

Data Management toolkit

The Library has produced a Data Management toolkit for researchers, designed as a guide based on the Model Data Management Toolkit for Researchers (2008), Legal Framework for e-Research Project and Open Access to Knowledge (OAK) Law Project - QUT.

It is designed as a checklist - prompting you to answer a series of questions regarding ownership and rights relating to research data. This data management toolkit has been designed with researchers in mind. It provides guidelines on implementing a data management plan, and can assist you in ascertaining responsibilities in relation to managing your data.

Mantra Data Management Training

Mantra is a free online data management training course that has been developed by the University of Edinburgh's data centre, EDINA. The course provides guidelines for good practice in research data management for researchers who work with digital data and would like to learn more about managing their research data.

Research Data MANTRA online course by Data Library and EDINA, University of Edinburgh is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 UK: Scotland License.

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