Induction and training

Information on biosafety and biosecurity training courses for staff and students working with microorganisms and biological materials (for example, human blood, feathers, GMOs, water samples).

Biosafety Induction Training (PC1/PC2)

Biosafety Induction Training (PC1/PC2) is compulsory for all staff, Honours and HDR students who intend to work with microorganisms, biological materials, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), quarantine materials that need to be held in a Department of Agriculture (DA) Quarantine Approved Premises (QAP) and/or Security Sensitive Biological Agents (SSBAs).

If you are undertaking Biosafety Induction Training (PC1/PC2) for the first time, you will need to attend a training session and then pass the compulsory online quiz. Training is valid for 3 years from the date that you attended training.

Biosafety Refresher Training must be completed every 3 years and is achieved by successful completion of the online quiz.

To view biosafety training material and access the quiz, you will need to access the "Office of Research Integrity" site in CloudDeakin. Details for self-registering and logging in are below. 

Use of a Class II Biological Safety Cabinet

It is recommended that all staff, Honours and HDR students who work in Class II Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs) attend this face-to-face training, which includes a video presentation on the correct use of a Class II BSC.

To view biosafety training material and the video presentation, you will need to access the Biosafety and Biosecurity section of the Office of Research Integrity site in CloudDeakin. 

Register or login to CloudDeakin

CloudDeakin is the online learning system used by Deakin Research to present their online training materials. To access the training materials, you must first self-register for the Office of Research Integrity CloudDeakin site. 

Self register

  • Login to CloudDeakin self registration site
  • Choose the Office of Research Integrity link in the registration page that opens
  • Click 'Register'.

Already registered?

You may have already registered for the "Office of Research Integrity" site if you have completed animal or human ethics, research integrity or radiation safety training online.

If you have already self-registered for the site, to find the Biosafety and Biosecurity information:

  • Login to CloudDeakin
  • On your homepage within the My Sites area (if you are a staff member, please ensure you look under your student tab) 
  • Click on Office of Research Integrity
  • On the Office of Research Integrity homepage click on Biosafety and Biosecurity

Quarantine Training

Under the Biosecurity Act 2015, which comes into effect on 16 June 2016, Quarantine Approved Premises (QAPs) will become known as approved arrangements.

Quarantine training provides information on the requirements for working under a Department of Agriculture and Water Resources approved arrangement (formerly known as a QAP). 

This face-to-face training is compulsory for research staff and students wishing to undertake work under an approved arrangement (formerly known as a QAP).

QAP Accreditation Training

It is a legislative requirement that all staff and students who work under a Department of Agriculture and Water Resources approved arrangement (formerly known as Quarantine Approved Premises QC1 or QC2) complete Department of Agriculture and Water Resources QAP Accredited Person training

This online course consists of two units, 'Quarantine Awareness' and 'Quarantine Approved Premises for Accredited Persons'. Accreditation must be renewed every 2 years.

Once you have completed the course, please email a copy of the training certificate to Deakin Biosafety

General laboratory safety induction course

This course is aimed at Honours and HDR students and new members of staff (research and academic) and is presented by local staff. For further details, contact your supervisor.

Local training on the operation of your laboratory or facility

This is provided by local staff. For further details, contact your supervisor.

Biosafety training course for new members of staff (research and academic)

This one day course is based on the requirements of AS/NZS 2243.3 Safety in laboratories - safety aspects and containment. It covers the safety aspects of working in PC2 Laboratory containment facilities, and also includes the responsibilities of principal investigators, biosafety legislation, clean up of microbiological spills, and a Case Study on Laboratory Acquired Infections. For more information contact Deakin Biosafety.

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