Research integrity

Researchers and research organisations are entrusted by the community with the responsibility to undertake research for the benefit of us all. Research integrity is a vital part of maintaining that trust.

Deakin is committed to creating an environment where research is not only of the highest calibre, but is also conducted in keeping with the highest ethical standards. 

Deakin is dedicated to building a research community in which honesty, accuracy, efficiency and objectivity drive best practice.   These values apply to a wide range of areas relevant to the research enterprise, including the management and sharing of data, authorship, peer review, conflicts of interest, human and animal ethics, publication and dissemination of findings, handling of misconduct, and training.

The primary document expounding research integrity principles across Australia is the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of ResearchDeakin ensures adherence to the Code and its promotion across the University.

Deakin Staff and Students

Restricted resources for staff and students in Animal Ethics, Biosafety and Biosecurity, Human Ethics, Research Integrity and Radiation Safety.

Committee Members

Restricted access for members of the LBC, AEC or DUHREC.

Animal Ethics

Information relating to animal ethics approval for the use of animals in research and teaching.

Biosafety and Biosecurity

Information on safety aspects and legislation governing the use of microorganisms and biological materials at Deakin.

Human Ethics

Information regarding ethics approval of human research at Deakin University.

Radiation Safety

Safety and legal requirements and other information about the uses of radiation in research.

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