All Deakin staff and students can access for free. Go to and login using your Deakin credentials. can be accessed anywhere from any device: from your desk, as home and on-the-go. Deakin also has a range of Deakin Endorsed playlist for all staff to access.

Is easy to use?

That's the best part – it's so easy! Watch the clip below to see how.

How can be used as a development tool?

Just-in-time learning
If you need to learn a skill in a hurry, can help. From pivot tables and Photoshop, to negotiating techniques, can be accessed on demand.

Planned development and your Performance Planning and Review (PPR) Conversation can be an important feature in you Performance Planning and Review (PPR) Conversation. With your manager, you can choose the topics and courses to complete over the year, aligning with your development needs.

Deakin Endorsed playlists on
Subject matter experts and teams across Deakin have curated playlists, aligned to Deakin values and processes. These playlists will be made available soon.

Information for managers

Using in the Performance Planning and Review (PPR) process
Staff development is an important part of the Performance Planning and Review process. provides access to thousands of self-paced courses. You and your direct report can identify courses and playlists to be completed throughout the year.

Encouraging your staff to use as a just-in-time learning tool
70% of learning occurs on-the-job. There are often times when a skill needs to be learned in a hurry. provides all staff access to on-demand material. If your staff member is stuck editing a PDF – refer them to! The courses are designed to allow users to access videos and written instructions. Many courses also have exercise files, allowing users to put new skills into practice right away.

Assigning courses/videos/playlists to your team
Interested in boosting your team's customer service skills? Perhaps you'd like to keep you staff up-to-date with the latest Outlook short-cuts? Assign them a course/video/playlist. See the how-to video below. contacts

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