Professional development tools

Below are some resources related to staff development courses offered as part of the University's Staff Development Program (SDP). We constantly add to and update these resources, so please check back regularly.

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If you are thinking about your career pathway, materials to assist with Career planning for general staff can be accessed here.


Leadership is a skill that many staff members are seeking to enhance. The Staff Development course list (PDF, 120.8KB) will include leadership seminars and courses on leadership styles, assertion and influencing and team development and leadership. Here, you can access video recordings of Professor Brenda Cherednichenko's leadership seminar.

Performance Planning and Review

Courses for general staff, general managers, academic staff and academic supervisors on how to have an effective performance conversation with staff and managers are run periodically throughout the year. The Staff Development course list (PDF, 120.8KB) contains information on the upcoming Performance Review Conversation (PPR) sessions.

To complement these sessions, we also have a short presentation which outlines how to set SMART performance objectives.

Psychological Health and Wellbeing

Psychological Health and Wellbeing deals with recognising and managing mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety in the workplace. Information for staff and managers is presented as web content, fact sheets and short training videos. We suggest you follow the modular framework below to get a holistic understanding of the program.

Module Content
Vice-Chancellor's overview of the program
  • Importance of good mental health
  • Deakin's commitment to fostering good mental health in the workplace
  • About the psychological health and wellbeing program
What is mental health?
  • Facts, prevalence, treatment, experience
Types of mental health issues Factsheets
Information for managers
Getting help – essential resources

The Human Resources Division can assist you to source the most appropriate tools for you and your team to assist with personal growth and team development.

PRISM Brain Mapping – Maximising our effectiveness through neuroscience

PRISM Brain Mapping is a tool that uses an online survey to measure an individual's preferred behaviour and the characteristics related to it. The PRISM survey produces a report which is a useful framework for understanding ourselves and others, and making effective use of our preferred behaviour. The report is then debriefed with a PRISM- certified practitioner.

Based on neuroscience, the PRISM model explains behaviour in terms of brain activities; resting on the assumption that feelings, thoughts, perceptions and behaviours emerge from electrical & chemical communication between brain cells.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) - Understanding personal preferences

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a self-assessment questionnaire that enables individuals to determine their specific personality type, preferences and ultimately work styles. These questionnaires provide a framework for understanding individual differences and approaching work in a manner that bests suits an individual's personal style in the context of the team or environment.

Voices 360° Feedback Tool

VOICES® is a research-based and experience-tested 360° feedback survey that is used to evaluate and enhance individuals' workplace and leadership effectiveness. Based on assessment against Lominger's 67 competencies, this multi-rater survey can be customised to suit individual needs. The survey is easily completed online, and is followed by a detailed report on the responses. This report is debriefed in a discussion between the individual who requested who requested the survey and a qualified Voices debriefer.

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