Read and write gold software available to all students. A great tool to help with your lliteracy skills. Download it now.

Language and communication

Deakin Study Skills is dedicated to providing support for you to continue to improve and build your academic English language and communication skills.


  • Explore topics such as vocabulary building, identifying grammar errors and understanding academic style.
  • Access online resources, activities and forums.
  • Present and discuss texts from your discipline and samples of your own work.
  1. Log in to CloudDeakin
  2. Click More and and then Self registration
  3. Access CloudDeakin resources
  4. Participate in discussion forums with peers and Learning Advisers

The WordPower program is available as a self-paced program in Trimester 3.


iDeaL is an online tool which you can use to find out which academic English language and communication skills services at Deakin are most relevant to your needs.

Find out more about iDeaL

Clarity English

Deakin students have access to a suite of self-paced, interactive English language programs from Clarity English. Practice your grammar, improve your reading skills, learn more about Business English, and more.

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Language exchange program

Have you ever thought of learning a new language? Planning a trip and wanting to learn some simple phrases? Do you study a language and don't have friends to practise with? Well, Deakin Language Exchange Program is here for you!

Useful websites

Website Website description
Library resource guideThis guide includes links to English language resources available in the library.
Vocabulary builder Learn new words every day.
Online writing lab Writing tips and activities from Purdue Online Writing Lab.
BBC Learning English Excellent resources for developing your vocabulary, practicing pronunciation, grammar activities and more.
ABC Four Corners A popular Australian current affairs program – you can watch the stories and access the transcripts.
ABC Foreign Correspondent International news stories with videos and transcripts.
Informit Edu TV An online video streaming service available for Deakin students. Select from over 10,000 TV programs including documentaries, news and TV series.
English Language GrowthThis resource advises students of ways to improve their English Language Growth.
There are 5 Learning Modules for you to access.
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