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Melbourne Burwood Campus

Faculty of Arts and Education

Unit Day Time Room Number PASS Leader
AIC181 - Chinese 1A          Thur 11am H1.12 Linda
AIC181 - Chinese 1AFri12pmH1.13Linda
AIH107 - World History Between the Wars 1919 - 1939 Mon 10am H1.12 Annabel
AIH264 - The Holocaust Tues 3pm H1.12 Heather
ALL153 - Literature for Children and Young Adults Tues 1pm H1.12 Gaby
ALW117 - Professional Writing for Work  Mon 11am H1.12 Katie
EPP101 Teacher Learner Identity Tues 2pm H1.13Prue
ETP101 Teacher Learner Identities  CANCELLED

Faculty of Business and Law


UnitDayTimeRoom numberPASS Leader
MAA103 - Accounting for Decision MakingTues11amMA2.102David & Cal
MAA103 - Accounting for Decision MakingTues4pmHE3.001David & Cal
MAA261 - Financial AccountingWed9amLB2.308Nethmini
MAA261 - Financial AccountingWed12pmN2.07Nethmini
MAA262 - Management AccountingThur12pmCancelled
MAA262 - Management AccountingThur3pmH1.12Nick
MAF101 - Fundamentals of FinanceMon12pmY2.02Mel
MAF101 - Fundamentals of FinanceWed9amH1.12Mel
MIS171 - Business AnalyticsThur1pmH1.13Madison
MIS171 - Business AnalyticsFri9amH1.12Madison
MLC101 - Business LawTues2pmH1.13Eliza
MLL111 - Contract Fri11amH1.12D'Arcy
MMM132 - ManagementTues10amH1.13Dean
MMM132 - ManagementTues1pmH1.13Dean

Faculty of Health


UnitDayTimeRoom numberPASS Leader
HBS109 - Human Structure and FunctionWed11amH1.12Nathan & Teddy
HBS109 - Human Structure and FunctionWed1pmH1.12Olivia
HNN112 - Quality and Safety Nursing Practice 1Mon5pmH1.12Serena
HNN112 -  Quality and Safety Nursing Practice 1Wed12pmH1.13Kate
HNN215 - Quality Use of Medicines in NursingThur10amFinished for the trimesterCandice
HNN215 - Quality Use of Medicines in NursingThur4pmFinished for the trimesterCandice
HNN222 - Mental Health NursingTues11amfinished for the trimesterEmily
HPS201 - Research Methods in PsychologyTues7pmOnlineKatie & Nick

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment


UnitDayTimeRoom numberPASS Leader
SIT192 - Discrete MathematicsWed2pmH1.12Owen
SLE103 - Ecology and the EnvironmentTues11amH1.12Cheryl
SLE103 - Ecology and the Environment  CANCELLEDCheryl
SLE133 - Chemistry in Our WorldThur10amH1.13Cal
SLE133 - Chemistry in Our WorldWed 2pmH1.13Cal
SLE204 -  Animal DiversityTues10amH1.12Alison
SLE211 - Principles of PhysiologyWed12pmH1.13Kristina
SLE212 - BiochemistryThur1pmH1.12Teddy
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