Melbourne Burwood Campus

Faculty of Arts and Education

Unit Day Time Room Number PASS Leader
ACR102- Intro to Crime and Criminal Justice TBC TBC P2.02 
 ACR102-   Intro to Crime and Criminal Justice  CLOUD   Mahima
ACV102 - Studio Art: Painting B TBC TBC TBCMelani
AIC182 - Chinese 1BTBCTBCTBCJesse
AIH108 - The World After The War  1945 - 1991 TBC TBC TBCHeather
AIR120 - Australia and the World TBC TBC TBC
ALC105 - Media Culture and Technological Transformations TBC TBC TBCSimon
ALL154 - Power Politics and Texts for Your People TBC TBC TBCGaby
ALW117 - Professional Writing for Work  TBC TBC TBCD'Arcy
ASC102 - Introduction to Sociology B TBC TBC TBCJess
ECL756 - Discourse Analysis TBC TBC TBCMohammed
EPP102 Teacher Learner Identity TBC TBC TBCEsme
ETP102 Teacher Learner Identities TBC TBCTBCCheryl

Faculty of Business and Law


UnitDayTimeRoom numberPASS Leader
MAA103 - Accounting for Decision MakingTBCTBCTBCDavid & Cal
MAA103 - Accounting for Decision MakingTBCTBCTBCDavid & Cal
MAA261 - Financial AccountingWed9amLB2.308Nick
MAA261 - Financial AccountingWed12pmN2.07Dinendra
 MAA262 - Management  AccountingTBCTBCTBCBeau
MAA262 - Management AccountingTBCTBCTBCKelvin
MIS101 - Business Information SystemsTBCTBCCLOUDDevesh
MIS171 - Business AnalyticsTBCTBCTBCMadison
MIS171 - Business Analytics  TBCTBCCLOUDDean & Alana
MIS171 - Business AnalyticsTBCTBCTBCMadison
MLC101 - Business LawTBCTBCTBCEliza
MMK265 - Marketing ResearchTBCTBCTBCTBC
MMM132 - ManagementTBCTBCTBCDean
MMM132 - ManagementTBCTBCTBCDean
MAF101 - Fundamentals of Finance  TBCTBCCLOUDDavid

Faculty of Health


UnitDayTimeRoom numberPASS Leader
HBS108 - Health Information and DataTBCTBCCLOUDAtticus
HBS109 - Human Structure and FunctionWed11amH1.12Belle
HBS109 - Human Structure and FunctionWed1pmH1.12Olivia
HBS110 - Health BehaviourTBCTBCCLOUDSharon
HNN114 - Health AssessmentMon5pmH1.12Emily
HNN114 - Health AssessmentTBCTBCTBCStephanie
HNN114 -  Health AssessmentTBCTBTBCMadalaine
HNN215 - Quality Use of Medicines in NursingTBCTBCH1.12Candice
HNN215 - Quality Use of Medicines in NursingTBCTBCH1.12Candice
HPS121 - Psychology B: Indiv. & Social Devel.Tues11amH1.12Lauryn
HPS121 -  Psychology B: Indiv. & Social Devel.TBCTBCCLOUDSylvia

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment


UnitDayTimeRoom numberPASS Leader
SEP122 - Physics for Life SciencesTBCTBCH1.12Kristina
SIT104 - Introduction to Web DevelopmentTBCTBCCLOUDFelix
SIT153 - Introduction to Game ProgrammingTBCTBCH1.12Darren
SIT 221 - Classes Libraries and AlgorithmsTBCTBCH1.12Ben
SIT281 - CryptographyTBCTBCTBCOwen
SLE132 - Biology form and FunctionTBCTBCH1.13Cal
SLE155 - Chemistry for Professional SciencesTBCTBCH1.13Jess
SLE222 - Biochemical MetabolismTBCTBCTBCTeddy
SLE254 -  GeneticsTBCTBCH1.12Bec
SLE206 - Cell BiologyTBCTBCH1.13Jasmine
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