Melbourne Burwood Campus

Faculty of Arts and Education

Unit Day Time Room Number PASS Leader
ACR102  Introducing Crime and Criminal Justice Wed 1pm H1.12Carly
ACR102  Introducing Crime and Criminal Justice             CLOUDMon8.30pm Mahima
AIC182  Chinese BThur1pmH1.13Brianna
AIH108  The Cold War 1945 - 1991Wed 2pm H1.12Heather
AIR120  Australia and the WorldWed 12noon H1.12Ella
ALL154  Power, Politics and Texts for Young People Mon 12noon H1.12Jess
AIX117 Professional Writing for WorkThurs 9am H1.12Catherine
AIX117 Professional Writing for WorkThur 7.30pm Catherine
ASC102 Introduction to Sociology BMon 2pm Y1.15Madeline
ASC102 Introduction to Sociology B      CLOUDMon 7.30pm  Atticus
ESM210 Children and MathematicsMon 1pm Y1.05Jess
EPP102  Teacher – Learner IdentityThur 11am Y1.20Bel
ETP102 Teacher - Learner IdentitiesMon10amH1.12Maddie

Faculty of Business and Law

UnitDayTimeRoom numberPASS Leader
MAA103  Accounting For Decision Making Thurs10amMA2.109Aaron
MAA261 Financial AccountingMon12noonLB2.307Dinendra
MAA261 Financial Accounting  CLOUDMon 8pm   David
MAA262 Management AccountingMon2pmY1.20Beau
MAE101 Economic PrinciplesTues10amY1.05Hinda
MAE101 Economic Principles CLOUDTues7.30pm   Christian
MAE103 Managerial Economics  CLOUD Tues7.30pm Tom
MAE256 Analytical Methods In Economics and FinanceTues10am HE2.012Beau
MAF101 Fundamentals of Finance Mon 10am HE2.015Samudhya
MAF101 Fundamentals of Finance  CLOUDMon 6pm  Samudhya
MLC101  Business Law Thurs 4pm HE1.018Eliza
MLC101 Business Law   CLOUDMon 5pm   Eliza
MMM132 ManagementMon1pm MA2.102Dean
MMM132 Management   CLOUDMon7pm    David
MMK101 Marketing Fundamentals Wed11amY1.05Emma
MMK101 Marketing fundamentals  CLOUDWed5pm  Georgia
MMP122 Introduction to Property Development    CLOUD Thur7.30pm    Jimmy

Faculty of Health

UnitDayTimeRoom numberPASS Leader
HBS108 Understanding Health   CLOUDTues8.30pm    Sharon
HBS109 Human Structure & Function Wed10am H1.12 Belle
HBS110 Health BehaviourMon 4pmH1.12Jess
HBS110 Health Behaviour  CLOUDTues6.30pm Kassie
HDS106 Diversity, Disability & Social Exclusion Wed3pmH1.12Lauryn
HDS106 Diversity, Disability & Social Exclusion  CLOUDMon7.30 Lauryn
HNN114  Health AssessmentThurs 10amH1.12Alida
HNN215 Quality Use of MedicinesFri 10amH1.13Georgia
HNN215 Quality Use of MedicinesFri12pmH1.13Georgia
HNN222 Mental Health and IllnessThurs11amH1.12Emily
HPS111   Psychology A:  Fundamentals of Human Behaviour      CLOUDWed8.30pm   Alcyon
HPS121 Psychology B: Individual and Social DevelopmentTues 11amH1.12Gabi
HPS201 Research Methods AWed12noonY1.05Scarlett
HSE102 Functional Human AnatomyWed 11amH1.12John
HSE208 Integrated Human PhysiologyTues 2pmH1.12Brenton

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment

UnitDayTimeRoom numberPASS Leader
SEP122 Physics for the Life SciencesMon4pmY1.05Candice
SIT103 Database and Information RetrievalWed11amH1.13Bryan
SIT104 Introduction to Web Development  CLOUDMon 7.30pm  Chris
SIT153 Introduction to Game Programming   CLOUDSun 4.00pm  Michael
SIT172  Programming for Engineers  CLOUD Tues7.30pm  Kieran
SIT192 Discrete MathematicsFri 1pm H1.12Bec
SIT192 Discrete Mathematics CLOUDTues 7.30pm  Bec
SIT194 Introduction to Mathematical ModellingTues7.30pm  Tyler
SIT194 Introduction to Mathematical ModellingFri1pmY1.05Tyler
SIT221 Data Structure and AlgorithmsTues2pmY1.05Meng
SIT292 Linear Algebra and Applications to Data Communication  Thurs  1pm H1.12Wayne
SIT292 Linear Algebra and Applications to Data Communication  CLOUDWed7.30pm Lucy
SLE155 Chemistry for the Professional Sciences Mon  1pmH1.12Esme
SLE206 Cell BiologyWed9amY1.05Ritika
SLE221 Systems PhysiologyThur 12noonY1.05Adam
SLE222  Biochemical MetabolismThur  11amY1.05Annie
SLE254 GeneticsThur  10amY1.05Bec
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