Melbourne Burwood Campus

Faculty of Arts and Education

Unit Day Time Room Number PASS Leader
ACR101  Introducing Crime and CriminologyWed11amH1.12Carly
ACR101  Introducing Crime and Criminology              CLOUDTues7.30pm
AIC181  Chinese ATues12pmH1.12Brianna
AIH107  World History Between The Wars 1919 - 1939Mon12pmH1.12Annabel
AIR108  International RelationsThurs 10amH1.12Ella
AIS101  Intercultural CommunicationTues9amH1.12Aleska
ALL153  Literature for Children and Young AdultsMon 11amH1.12Maddie
AIX117 Professional Writing for WorkWed10amH1.12Catherine
ASC101 Introduction to Sociology ATues7.30pm
EPP101  Teacher – Learner IdentityMon1pmH1.12Esme
ETP101 Teacher - Learner IdentitiesMon1pmH1.12Esme

Faculty of Business and Law

UnitDayTimeRoom numberPASS Leader
MAA103  Accounting For Decision Making Mon11amY1.20Josh
MAA103  Accounting For Decision Making  CLOUDMon6.30pm Simon
MAE101 Economic Principles

cancelled as of April 5th
MAE101 Economic Principles CLOUDMon7.30pm David
MAF101 Fundamentals of Finance Fri4pmY1.20Samudhya
MLC101  Business Law Mon3pmY1.20Eliza
MLL111 ContractThur1pmB4.06Heather / D'Arcy
MLL111 Contract BEGINS WK 4  CLOUDWed7.30pm Joseph
MMM132 ManagementFri10amB3.17Dean
MAE201  Competition and IndustryThur3pmHE2.001Zolzaya
MAE256  Analytical Methods in Economics and FinanceThur2pmB4.08Beau
MAA261 Financial AccountingTues4pmB4.03Dinendra
MAA261 Financial AccountingThur4pmY1.20
MAA261 Financial AccountingTues 4pmSkype option cancelled as of 22/4
MAA262 Management AccountingWed1pmH1.12
MMM343 Business Ethics  CLOUDThur7.30pm Cancelled as of 22/4

Faculty of Health

UnitDayTimeRoom numberPASS Leader
HBS107Understanding HealthTues7.30pm  Sharon
HBS109 Human Structure & Function Wed9amH1.13 & H1.12Belle& Wubrist
HBS109 Human Structure & FunctionTues1pm     Skype option cancelled as of 26/4
HBS110 Health BehaviourWed12pmCancelled as of 22/4Brenton
HDS101 Communication and Diversity Tues10amH1.12Lauryn
HNN112  Quality & Safety:  Nursing Practice 1Thur1pmH1.12Alida
HNN112  Quality & Safety:  Nursing Practice 1Mon2pmH1.12Alida
HNN215 Quality Use of MedicinesMon3pmH1.12 & H1.13Steph & Serena
HNN215 Quality Use of MedicinesWed4pmH1.12 & H1.13Steph
HNN222 Mental Health and IllnessMon11amY1.18Emily
HPS111   Psychology A:  Fundamentals of Human BehaviourFri3pmH1.12Gaby
HPS111   Psychology A:  Fundamentals of Human Behaviour      CLOUDThur7.30pm Alcyon
HPS121 Psychology B: Individual and Social DevelopmentMon7.30pm Simon
HPS201 Research Methods AThur7.30pm Sylvia

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment

UnitDayTimeRoom numberPASS Leader
SIT192 Discrete MathematicsTues3pmH1.13Benji
SLE103 Ecology & the Environment Wed3pmH1.13Candice
SLE103 Ecology & the EnvironmentTues11amH1.12Esme
SLE133 Chemistry in Our World Tues4pmH1.12Wubrist
SLE133 Chemistry in Our WorldThur12pmH1.12Wubrist
SLE204 Animal DiversityTues1pmH1.12Bec
SLE210 Chemistry the Enabling ScienceMon 9amH1.12Esme
SLE211  Principles of PhysiologyTue3pmH1.12Jess
SLE212  BiochemistryThur12pmLT1a (i2.07)Annie
SLE212  BiochemistryFri11amH1.12Annie
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