Warrnambool Campus

Faculty of Arts and Education

UnitDayTimeRoom numberLeader
EPP101  Teacher – Learner Identity

Faculty of Business and Law

UnitDayTimeRoom numberPASS Leader
MAA103  Accounting For Decision Making

MLC101  Business Law

MLL111 Contract

MAE201  Competition and Industry

MAE256  Analytical Methods in Economics and Finance

MAA261 Financial Accounting

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment

UnitDayTimeRoom numberPASS Leader
SLE133 Chemistry in Our World

Faculty of Health

UnitDayTimeRoom numberPASS Leader
HBS109 Human Structure & Function

HNN112  Quality & Safety:  Nursing Practice 1

HNN215 Quality Use of Medicines

HPS111   Psychology A:  Fundamentals of Human Behaviour

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