Warrnambool Campus

Faculty of Arts and Education

UnitDayTimeRoom numberLeader
ESM210 Children and Mathematics: Developing Mathematical Concepts

FlexiPASS -email pass@deakin.edu.au

Faculty of Business and Law

UnitDayTimeRoom numberPASS Leader
MMM132 ManagementTues1pmA3.45 Jacob
MMM132 Management  CLOUDMon7pmhttp://tinyurl.com/MMM132-PASS  David
MAE101 Economic Principles CLOUDTues7.30pmhttp://tinyurl.com/MAE101-PASS   David
MAE103 Managerial Economics CLOUDTues7.30pmhttp://tinyurl.com/MAE103-PASS Tom
MAF101 Fundamentals of FinanceWed9amA3.45Jacob
MLL110 Legal Principles and SkillsTues7.30pmhttp://tinyurl.com/MLL110-PASS    Joseph
MAA262 Management AccountingThurs12pm A3.45          Weeks 3 - 7Matt

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment

UnitDayTimeRoom numberPASS Leader

Faculty of Health

UnitDayTimeRoom numberPASS Leader
HBS108 Health Information and Data  CLOUDTues 8.30pmhttp://tinyurl.com/HBS108-PASS   Sharon
HBS110 Health BehaviourMon11amA3.48Sarah
HBS110 Health Behaviour   CLOUDTues 7.30pmhttp://tinyurl.com/HBS110-PASS Kassie
HNN114  Health Assessment Thurs10amA3.48Hayley
HNN222 Mental Health and IllnessTues1pmTBCGlenistair
HPS121   Psychology B:  Individual and Social DevelopmentThurs1pmA2.41Liz
HPS111 Psychology A: Fundamentals of Human Behavior CLOUDWed8.30pmhttp://tinyurl.com/HPS111CloudPASS Alcy
HPS121 Psychology B: Individual & :Social Development CLOUDMon7.30pmhttp://tinyurl.com/HPS121CloudPASS Simon
HPS201 Research Methods in Psychology A CLOUDThurs 7.30pmhttp://tinyurl.com/HPS201-PASS    Scarlett
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