Geelong Waterfront Campus

Faculty of Arts and Education

UnitDayTimeRoom numberLeader
ACR102 Introducing Crime & Criminal Justice CLOUDMon8.30pm Mahima
ASC102 Introduction to Sociology    CLOUDMon7.30pm  Atticus

Faculty of Business and Law

UnitDayTimeRoom numberPASS Leader
MAA262 Management AccountingTBC

MAE103 Managerial EconomicsMon12pmD3.210Tom
MAE103 Managerial Economics CLOUDTues7.30pm Tom
MAE101 Economic Principles  CLOUDTues7.30pm
MAF101 Fundamentals of FinanceThurs1pmD4.209James
MLL110 Legal Principles and Skills CLOUDTues 7.30pm    Joseph
MMK101 Marketing Fundamentals  Tues10amD4.209Georgia
MMK101  Marketing Fundamentals   CLOUDWed5pm Georgia
MMM132 ManagementMon2pmD3.206Maree
MMM132 Management   CLOUD Mon7pm    David

Faculty of Health

UnitDayTimeRoom number
HNN114   Health AssessmentTues12noonD4.209Katie
HNN215 Quality Use of Medicines Wed10amD3.210Katelyn
HNN222  Mental Health and Illness

HBS108 Health Information and Data   CLOUDTues 8.30pm  Sharon
HBS110 Health BehaviorThurs12noon KA4.411Kassie
HBS110 Health Behavior   CLOUDTues7.30pm Kassie
HPS111 Psychology A: Fundamentals of Human Behaviour CLOUDWed8.30pm   Alcy
HPS121 Psychology B: Individual & Social Development Tues9amIB3.102  (WP)Emma
HPS121 Psychology B: Individual & Social Development   CLOUDMon 7.30pm   Simon
HPS201 Research Methods in Psychology A  Wed10amDD2.204Travis
HPS201 Research Methods in Psychology A   CLOUDThurs7.30pm Scarlett
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