Submitting your assignment

You should follow assignment submission instructions as they are outlined in your online unit site in DeakinSync.  If unsure check with your Unit Chair (you can find their contact details in the unit site in DeakinSync) or Faculty course adviser.

Should you need to submit a hard copy at a campus and you are permitted to do so, see table below for locations.

Assignment submission details by faculty and campus
Faculty Waurn Ponds Waterfront Burwood Elgar Road Warrnambool
Arts and Education* Hard copy not accepted Hard copy not accepted Hard copy not accepted Hard copy not accepted

Hard copy not accepted

Business and Law Hard copy not accepted Student Central Hard copy not accepted Building lb, level 2 Building J, level 4
Health* Building dd, 2.125 Hard copy not accepted Building Y 1.01 Nil Building F 2.14
Science, Engineering and Built Environment Building ka, level 3 Building D Building L Nil Building J

* For the Faculties of Health and Arts and Education, hard copy assignments are generally not permitted. For non-text assignments (eg. creative arts), please see your Unit Guide for submission instructions.

Cover sheets and faculty specific assessment information

The following faculties have some additional information on their websites relating to assignment submission and cover sheets.

Due dates

The due date of the assignment is the last day on which your assignment must reach your Faculty or be submitted on your online unit site in DeakinSync, (please check the cut-off time for due assignments in your unit guide).

Failure to comply with this requirement may affect the assessment process and your final result for the unit. Late submission may incur a penalty in assessment.

If you are late submitting your assignment, you should contact your Unit Chair for more information.


If circumstances beyond your control will prevent you from attending a test, placement, practicum or similar, or from submitting an assignment by the due date, you should speak to your Unit Chair as soon as you become aware of the problem. Your Unit Chair may allow you to do the task at another time or may give you an extension of up to two weeks.

Assignment Extensions are normally only approved when students apply before the due date. The Unit Chair may ask you to supply supporting documentation about the difficulties you are facing, and evidence of the work you have completed so far.

Note that work that is submitted late without an approved extension will be subject to a marking penalty, or may not be marked at all.

The Unit Chair may advise you to apply for special consideration where:

  • you were unable to apply for an extension before the due date or
  • rescheduling is impractical or
  • you have requested more than two weeks' extension.

For further information, check your unit guide.

Word count 

Check your Unit Guide for word limits and assignment requirements. Speak to your Unit Chair if you need to extend your word count.

Having trouble submitting your assignment? 

Don't panic! If you are having trouble with assignment submission, contact your Unit Chair for further instruction.

Has your assignment been received? 

If you are unsure if your assignment has been received, you should contact your Faculty or Unit Chair.

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