Release information

The following information is important. Please read it and make sure you understand it before lodging your application. See a Compliance Officer in the Drop-in Centre if you have questions about the process.

Release letter eligibility

Deakin University will only issue a release letter when it is satisfied that the request meets the eligibility criteria as defined in its guidelines 'Transfer between registered providers guidelines'.

Maintain your enrolment until a decision is made

International students seeking a release should not fail to enrol at Deakin, or accept an offer at another institution unless Deakin University has issued a release letter. Deakin University is obliged by law to report your non-enrolment to the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) and the Department of Home Affairs which may result in the cancellation of your Student visa. For information about related government requirements see: Standard 7 of the National Code.

Compassionate or compelling circumstances

Compelling and compassionate circumstances are defined as those that are generally outside of your control that affect your ability to study at Deakin. Examples of compelling or compassionate circumstances may include, but not limited to, a desire to move to another State to live with family members where proof of their relationship to you can be provided, sudden death of a family member where evidence can be provided in the form of an official death certificate, etc.

Please note that the following circumstances will not generally be considered compassionate or compelling circumstances:

  • Lack of understanding of Deakin University's Transferring between registered providers guidelines or the Tuition fee, fee refund and privacy policies.
  • Lack of understanding of Deakin University's enrolment procedures.
  • A desire to change to a new course with lower fees.
  • Failure to enrol in your Deakin course by the published enrolment date
  • Distance of your accommodation from your Deakin campus
  • Financial problems (unless these can be proven to be sudden and unexpected)
  • A desire to move to another University to live/be with friends
  • Matters unrelated to your study at Deakin (such as car accidents, accommodation issues, or personal matters not affecting your study)

Lodging an application and the decision process

Your application should include all relevant supporting documentation. You MUST provide a personal statement outlining the reasons for your release request. You MUST also provide a letter of offer from another institution. All requests for a release on compelling/compassionate grounds must be accompanied by supporting documentation such as medical certificates, counsellor letter, death certificate, statutory declaration etc.

Applications can ONLY be made by email to

Your application will take up to 10 working days to assess upon receipt of a complete application (including all supporting documents). The letter advising the outcome of your application will be emailed  to you. If a release letter is refused, the letter will outline the reason(s) for refusal and the appeals procedure.

Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered.

Discontinuation of enrolment

It is important to note that a release letter does not formally discontinue your enrolment at Deakin. Upon receipt of your release letter, if you are currently enrolled, it is your responsibility to complete the required documentation to formally discontinue from your Deakin University course if you wish to accept an offer at another institution. Refer to your Faculty office regarding the process to discontinue.


Refunds are assessed separately.

It is important to note that an approved release does not mean you will be automatically approved for a refund.   If you believe you are eligible for a refund, you will need to apply directly through the Division of Student Administration (DSA)'s Fees and Information site.

If you are not yet enrolled in your Deakin University award course, you may apply for a refund via this application form. Refunds will be assessed according to the Tuition fee, fee refund and privacy policies.

Privacy statement

The University treats personal information held by it in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014. Please see information about the University's information privacy policy or contact the Compliance Manager on (03) 9246 8114 or at

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