Useful websites for self-learning (Pronunciation)

Having problems with your pronunciation? Try these web sites, they will show you how to pronounce words correctly.

  1. English Pronunciation Practice: pronunciation exercises. Uses American English.
  2. Pronunciation Practice 2
  3. Intonation (falling/rising tones- when our voice goes up or down).
  4. Fantastic Voyage: Narrated voyage of the throat from the National Center for Voice and Speech.
  5. TESL Journals: links page.
  6. English-online Pronunciation course: You can study a short course in pronunciation. There are seventeen units for you to practice minimal pairs. Each unit has four parts.
  7. Ship or Sheep: There are 29 units for pronunciation practice organised by minimal pairs at this site. It also links through to British vowel pronunciation. You can listen and repeat what you hear.
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