Faculty of Arts and Education

UnitDayTimeRoom NumberPASS Leader
ACR102  Introducing Crime and Criminal Justice             CLOUDTBCTBCTBCMahima
ASC102 Introduction to Sociology B      CLOUDTBCTBCTBCAtticus

Faculty of Business and Law

UnitDayTimeRoom numberPASS Leader
MAA103  Accounting For Decision Making   CLOUDTBCTBCTBCHinda
MAA261 Financial Accounting  CLOUDTBCTBCTBCHinda
MAF101 Fundamentals of Finance  CLOUDTBCTBCTBCSamudhya
MLC101 Business Law   CLOUDTBCTBCTBCDavid
MLL111  contract Law CLOUDTBCTBCTBCJosh
MMM132 Management   CLOUDTBCTBCTBCChristian
MMP111 Introduction to Property Development    CLOUDTBCTBCTBCJimmy

Faculty of Health

UnitDayTimeLinkPASS Leader
HBS107 Understanding Health   CLOUDTBCTBCTBCAdrienne
HBS108 Health Information and Data  CLOUDTBCTBCTBCSylvia
HBS109 Human Structure & Function  CLOUDTBCTBCTBCJohn
HBS110 Health Behaviour  CLOUDTBCTBCTBCLauryn
HPS111   Psychology A:  Fundamentals of Human Behaviour      CLOUDTBCTBCTBCAlcy
HPS121 Psychology B: Individual and Social Development   CLOUDTBCTBCTBCSimon
HPS201 Research Methods A   CLOUDTBCTBCTBCScarlett

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment

UnitDayTimeRoom numberPASS Leader
PASS for SEBE will return in T1, 2017
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