Whether you are just starting out at GOTAFE, or have completed your  Diploma / Advanced Diploma, Deakin will provide you with the tools and advice to help you transfer to Deakin when you are ready. GOTAFE provides pathway students with the opportunity to enter university with credit for prior learning of up to one and a half years towards a Bachelor's degree.

Many students complete the first part of the program at GOTAFE, then transfer to Deakin University to complete their degree. Students are required to meet minimum entry requirements and, in some cases, may complete a Bachelor's degree with a further two years study.

This program offers an ideal alternative pathway for students who:

  • Are seeking a suitable supportive learning environment;
  • Want the benefits of a vocational TAFE qualification with a university degree;
  • May have been unsuccessful in obtaining direct entry into university; or
  • Are seeking a competitively priced first year of study.

Deakin is a key provider of higher education in the Goulburn Valley region. The University has many close relationships with local industry and employers.

Deakin in Wangaratta – another local pathway to Deakin University

GOTAFE and Deakin University have formed a unique partnership in establishing a Deakin Learning Centre. Through this Learning Centre, Deakin and GOTAFE also offer a variety of courses through Deakin University partnerships including:

  • Bachelor of Applied Management Studies – Bachelor of Commerce or Management
  • Associate Degree of Arts, Business & Sciences + Diploma of Accounting – Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting;
  • Associate Degree of Arts, Business & Sciences + Diploma of Conservation and Land Management - Bachelor of Environmental Science (Marine or  Fresh Water Biology & Management);
  • Associate Degree of Arts, Business & Sciences + Diploma of Community Services – Bachelor of Community Services, Psychology or Social Work;
  • Associate Degree of Arts, Business & Sciences + Diploma of Children's Services - Bachelor of Early Childhood, Primary Teaching;
  • Associate Degree of Arts, Business & Sciences + Diploma of Graphic Design - Bachelor of Creative Arts (Graphic Design).

This provides a unique opportunity for people to stay engaged in learning in Wangaratta and build both vocational qualifications and skills together with the capacity to build a learning career with Deakin University.

Contact for further assistance. 

To find out what credit you may be eligible for, search our Credit for Prior Learning Database below and learn what credit you can receive from your qualifications.

If you can't find your previous institution or course in the database, you may still be eligible for credit. Deakin welcomes applications for credit from all TAFE courses. You can also apply for CPL if you have significant work experience in your chosen area of study.


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