Course transfer

Apply for a course transfer if you want to change your enrolment to a new course, campus, mode or fee type

Who can apply?

Any student who is currently enrolled in an award course can apply to transfer.  

You must re-enrol in your existing course by the re-enrolment deadline if your Course Transfer Enrolment form has not been processed. By re-enrolling you avoid the late re-enrolment fee. Please refer to your Faculty specific course transfer rules when applying.

Reasons you should apply

You apply for a course transfer for the following reasons:

  • changing courses
  • changing mode (between cloud and campus)
  • changing campus (from one campus to another)
  • changing fee type (usually when a person obtains permanent residency) 

Seek advice before you apply

Before applying for a course transfer, you should contact a faculty course adviser for advice. 

  • Contact your current course adviser 
  • Contact the course adviser from your intended course(s).  If you are unsure which area of the University to contact please look for the course in The Handbook to find contact information.
  • Selection for course transfers is based on availability of places and academic performance.
  • If approved, a course transfer may increase the time it takes to complete your degree as all the units you've completed so far may not count towards your new course.
  • International students should consider how a course transfer may affect their visa status.

Although you can submit a number of preferences for a course transfer, you can only accept one course transfer so it is important to seek advice for each course you are interested in.

How and when to apply

There are two forms to be completed when you apply for a course transfer:

  • Course Transfer application form (PDF, 198.2 KB)  - where you express your interest in changing course, mode or campus.
  • Course Transfer enrolment form - a form available from the Faculty once your application has been approved.  It is this form that is processed to show the change in StudentConnect.

Changing courses, mode or campus

You need to complete a Course Transfer application form (PDF, 125.7 KB) and submit it to the faculty of your first preference.  If unsuccessful with your first course preference, you may wish to resubmit an application to another course.

Submission of the application does not guarantee a course transfer. Selection is based on availability of places and academic performance.  Your application is not finalised until you have completed the Course Transfer Enrolment form with your course adviser.

The last day to apply to your Faculty for a course transfer is:

  • Trimester 3 2015 - 2 October 2015 (International students)
  • Trimester 3 2015 - 20 October 2015 (Domestic students)

Changing your fee type

You can apply to change your status from international student to permanent resident at any time however your fees will not be changed for the current trimester if the census date has passed.  

You complete the Course Transfer Enrolment form with your course adviser and attach a certified copy of your proof of your changed status.

Outcome of your application

You will be notified by your Faculty about the outcome of your application.

Successful applicants will then need to complete a Course Transfer Enrolment form with your Course Adviser to indicate that you accept the transfer.  You will be able to indicate which units you wish to have transferred from your previous degree on this form.

If the results from your previous course are not shown, contact your Faculty course adviser.

If unsuccessful for your first course preference, you may submit another application to your second course preference.

Processing of your Course Transfer Enrolment form

When processed your course change will be seen in StudentConnect.

After you have completed the Course Transfer Enrolment form there may be a delay in the change being shown in StudentConnect.  Common reasons for a delay may be that:

  • you are studying in the current trimester. The course transfer won't be processed until results have been released for the trimester you are currently enrolled in.
  • you submitted your fee change after the census date.

If you have any questions about the progress of your application contact your Faculty course adviser.

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