Enrolment - frequently asked questions

Questions and answers about offers and enrolment at Deakin University.

  • Check this page for some of our most common questions.
  • If your questions is about the units you should study contact your Faculty course adviser.
  • If you can't find an answer, please contact Deakin Central.

New course offers

I can’t enrol during the enrolment period, can someone else enrol for me?

You can enrol online from any computer anywhere in the world with internet access.  You can find internet access in many places such as libraries, internet cafes and so on.  You must do this by the deadline in your offer email. Under no circumstances should you give anyone else your details to login on your behalf.

Can I get credit for previous tertiary or TAFE study?

You may be eligible for Credit for Prior Learning if you have completed studies at another university or TAFE.

We recommend you apply for credit for prior learning at the beginning of your study if possible. You can download the application form from the  Credit for Prior Learning page.  There is no cost to apply for credit for prior learning. When processed your credit will appear in StudentConnect under the left hand menu under View credit for prior learning. If your credit does not appear contact your Faculty course adviser.

What if I need to take time off in my first year of study?

If you know you are not going to study you should not enrol.  You should defer.  You can defer for up to two years at no cost and with no obligation to study at Deakin.

Once you have enrolled (or if you have been readmitted to your course) you can no longer defer but you must take an intermission.  This is the term Deakin uses when you take a break from your studies. An intermission allows you to take up to 12 months off your course and retain your place.

If you are considering deferring or taking an intermission, consult a Faculty course adviser first.

I received an offer to cloud (online) but I was assigned a campus

At Deakin, your mode of study will be campus or cloud (online) but for our purposes cloud (online) is linked back to a home campus. This doesn't affect your online study.

I have an offer for Cloud (online) but I am assigned to a campus - why?

If you have a Cloud (online) offer you will be studying in this mode.  Deakin assigns a campus to each Cloud (online) offering for administrative purposes only.

VTAC offers

I have received another VTAC offer but I am hoping to receive another offer in a later round for a higher preference. Should I enrol in the current offer?

We recommend you defer or accept your offer by enrolling, in case you do not receive another offer. Once you receive your main round offer, you can apply to discontinue your other offer.

If you apply to discontinue your offer before the Census date, then you won't incur any fees.

I can't make it to the Credit Assessment or Course Information session - what should I do?

If you are unable to attend a session, don't worry as you can always seek advice from a Faculty course adviser directly.

We recommend you enrol online to ensure you have secured your place.


When I login, I see 'self-serve enrolment not available...'?

You may log in to StudentConnect and see the following message:

Self enrolment services are not currently available for your course(s). If you want to check your current enrolment record go to courses. If you need further help, contact your enrolment officer.  

There are a number of reasons this message appears.

Examples of possible reasons are:

  • encumbrances (for outstanding fees) on your student record
  • new Confirmation of Enrolment required (international students). 

Please contact Deakin Central so they can advise you.

I am trying to enrol online but it does not proceed to the next screen or give me a receipt?

Please ensure that popups are turned on for your web browser. If your browser does not allow pop-ups you will not be able to proceed to the next screen. Instructions for some browsers are listed below. If you have a different browser, you should be able to find instructions by searching the internet.

I get a pop up notification. What does it mean?

If you do not proceed to the next screen or get a receipt, you may see a pop-up window, containing details about missing information or rule breach.

  • Missing information may include statistics that break the computers rules or missing details on your HELP form.  The pop up will help you work out what the detail is so you can fix it.
  • Rule breaches happen when there is some problem with the units you have selected. The combination or some other factor may not comply with course rules.  The rule breach explains what the issue is with the units you have selected. You may need to remove a unit from your list or select an alternative unit.

I have pop up turned on and it still will not let me go to the next screen. What do I do?

We would recommend you note down the units you selected and then click the reset and clear selection button. This will delete all the units you added previously and allow you to start again.

If you are still unable to proceed to the next screen after deleting the units and starting again, or after trying to rectify the missing information, please contact our Deakin Central team for further assistance.

Why is my course showing as 'UNCONFIRMED' in StudentConnect?

StudentConnect may show your status as 'unconfirmed' if you haven't yet confirmed your enrolment. Be sure to confirm before any cut off dates.

You'll need to log in and click the 'Enrol in unit/course' link, get up to step 3ii of 5, and then confirm and finalise your selected units. Your status should now show you as 'confirmed' but this does not indicate that you have enrolled yet, you need to complete all steps. If they are not showing up correctly you can contact Deakin Central.

Why is my course showing as 'INACTIVE' in StudentConnect?

First check that you are enrolled in units.  If you are enrolled in units it is all fine your course status appears as 'INACTIVE' until the actual start date of the first trimester you have enrolled in. The status switches to 'ENROLLED' automatically at this time.

If the status appears as 'INACTIVE' and you want to check your enrolment, go to StudentConnect  and select 'Print evidence of enrolment' from the left hand menu.

How can I confirm that I enrolled in my units correctly?

You can check to see what units you've been enrolled in through StudentConnect. If they are not showing up correctly you can contact Deakin Central.

How do I withdraw from a course or unit?

You should seek advice from your Faculty course adviser before changing your enrolment in any way.
If you wish to withdraw from your course you'll need to apply to discontinue through StudentConnect.
You can drop a unit by varying your enrolment through StudentConnect

You should be aware of the dates you can withdraw by without having to pay fees.

What do I do if I want to enrol in a unit not offered on my campus?

If you want to enrol in a unit not available on your campus, you may still be able to take it as a Cloud (online) subject. If that is not available you can talk to a Faculty course adviser to discuss your options.

Why is my enrolment invalid?

An invalid unit or a rule breach will occur when there is some problem with the unit/s you have selected. The combination of units or some other factor may not comply with course rules. The rule breach explains what the issue is with the unit/s you have selected. You may need to remove a unit from your list or select an alternative unit.

Unit and enrolment queries

Where can I get help to select units?

If you have checked your course information and searched the University Handbook and are unable to decide on your electives, we would recommend you contact your Faculty course adviser for guidance on this.

Where can I get help choosing elective units?

If you have already checked your course information in the University Handbook and are still unable to decide on your electives, it is recommended that you contact your Faculty course adviser for guidance with this.

How many units should I enrol in?

The number of units you enrol in will depend on whether you plan to study full time or part time.

Deakin considers full time study to be 3 or 4 credit points per Trimester. Part time study would be 1 or 2 credit points per Trimester. Please see the flexible study options page for more information.

How do I become a part time student?

You become part time by how many units you enrol in.  Part time at Deakin is 2 credit points per trimester or less.  You do not need to fill in a form or indicate this to us other than by what units you enrol in.  Please be aware that being part time has an effect on your Centrelink entitlements.

Do I have to enrol in just Trimester 1 or do I have to enrol in Trimester 2 as well?

You must enrol in both Trimester 1 and Trimester 2. Trimester 3 is only compulsory for Optometry students.

When can I enrol in Trimester 3 next year?

You can enrol in Trimester 3 from September of the previous year.

I highlighted my unit in orange - why hasn't it enrolled me?

You may need to click the 'next' or 'finalise enrolment' button in order to enrol in units highlighted in orange.

How do I overload my studies?

You need to discuss any overload requests with your Faculty course adviser.

Can I take more than 4 units per trimester?

You need to discuss requests to overload your enrolment with a Faculty course adviser.

Why can't I study a particular unit?

There are many reasons why you can't study a particular unit. It may not be available in the trimester you have requested. Some units also have rules set up like pre-requisites (where you must have studied a particular unit first) or co-requisites (where you must study a unit before or simultaneously). You might also need to be enrolled in a certain course. To check if you can study a unit, check the Unit Search in the Handbook.

If you require any further assistance or advice in regards to your unit selections contact your Faculty course adviser.

Where do I see the pre-requisites for entry in a unit?

You can check what prerequisites you need to study for a unit by checking the Unit Search in theHandbook

I'm having trouble enrolling into another single non award unit - what do I need to do?

You can only enrol in units that you have been allocated.  If you need to add a new unit please apply on the Applicant Portal for new units and then they will be assessed.

Changing aspects of your enrolment

I am now enrolled, what if I need to change the units I am enrolled in?

If you need to change the units you are enrolled in, log back into StudentConnect, and follow the same process when you enrolled for the first time. Once you reach the 'Unit Selection' step, withdraw from the units you no longer wish to study, then add the new units you wish to study.  Remember to ensure you comply with the relevant dates.

I want to study unit(s) at another university. How do I do this?

What you do depends on whether you wish to study in Australia or overseas:

I don’t want to continue with this course. What do I do?

My citizenship/residency status has changed. How do I let you know?

If you have changed your citizenship or residency status since you were last at Deakin you need to let us know.  We need a certified  copy of your documents showing this change, eg visa or citizenship certificate.  This will enable us to change these details on our system so you can enrol successfully.

If you have already enrolled you will need to complete the course transfer process.

I don't yet have a Tax File Number (TFN). Can I still enrol now?

You can complete your enrolment online without your TFN. However, you will need to remember to go back and submit the number to the Commonwealth Assistance Form in StudentConnect before Census Date.

If you do not submit your TFN online or pay your tuition fees upfront, your enrolment will be cancelled and you will lose your place at Deakin.

If you have not applied for a TFN yet, please contact the Australian Taxation Office to arrange one now.

After you enrol

Where do I find a book list?

You can check the textbook requirements for each unit on the DUSA Bookshop's Student Booklist. Your faculty may also have given you a list of items you'll need (e.g. uniforms for nursing, lab coats).

My unit does not appear on CloudDeakin. What do I do?

If you enrolled today then your unit will not appear in CloudDeakin until after midnight. 

If you had enrolled before today, double check StudentConnect to make sure you are correctly enrolled in the unit.  If there is a problem enrolling in the unit (eg you get a rule breach) consult your Student Adviser.

If you are enrolled correctly in the unit and you still cannot see the unit in CloudDeakin, the unit may not have a CloudDeakin presence.  Check if this is the case with your Student Adviser. 

I have an issue with my timetable. Can you help?

Have a look at the STAR page.  They have heaps of help for you there. 

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