Enrol for the first time

Congratulations on your offer! This page will step you through the process of enrolling at Deakin for the first time.

Enrolling for the first time can be a very exciting time – but can also be completely nerve-racking!  

We have broken the task into three parts for you.  It is important that you read each part and complete them in order.  They are:

  1. Prepare to enrol
  2. Plan your studies
  3. Enrol online

You must complete all three parts of the enrolment process. If you do not enrol in the time given on your offer email your offer may lapse.

After you enrol you need to complete some tasks to make your time at Deakin flow smoothly.  You will find them on the fourth tab.

If you need help to enrol we have Frequently Asked Questions, videos and guides plus staff to support you through the process.

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After you have enrolled, log in to DeakinSync, your personalised Deakin portal

1. Prepare to enrol

Computer requirements

Check out the computing, connectivity and capability requirements before enrolling.  Not being able to meet these requirements may have an effect on your ability to enrol and later fully engage with Deakin learning experiences.

There are also many ways to access Deakin computers on campus, including computer labs, the library and other general access areas. These facilities are available to students both during teaching hours and after hours. Instructions for locating these facilities can be found here.


Ensure your browser has pop-ups enabled.  StudentConnect uses pop-ups to let you know important messages about completing a page. 

Follow the instructions to turn on pop-ups for:

For other browsers you will need to search for instructions online.

Username and Password

Your Deakin username and password are used in lots of Deakin's systems including email, DeakinSync and StudentConnect.  You will need your offer email from Deakin to complete this step.

  • If you already know your Deakin username and password you can skip this part. 
  • If you haven't activated your Deakin username and password go to to find out how. 

Deferring your offer

If you are thinking of deferring, don't enrol. Have a read about how to defer or discuss your situation with your enrolment officer.  You will need your Deakin username and password to defer.

Get your Tax File Number

If you are an eligible student and you want to request HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP or SA-HELP you need a Tax File Number (TFN). If you have one get it ready so you can complete the step when you enrol online.

If you don't have one, now is the time to apply. You can still enrol but you need to remember to go back into StudentConnect to complete the step by census date.  If you don't add your TFN by census date Deakin is obligated to discontinue your enrolment.

You can confirm that you have supplied your Tax File Number (TFN) by checking your invoice online in StudentConnect. In the top right corner it will state TFN supplied? Yes or No. If you are having trouble adding your TFN please contact Deakin Central immediately (for security reasons do not used your TFN in your email).

2. Plan your studies

Understand Deakin's terminology

Each University has its own terminology.  Some Deakin terms which will help you to enrol:

  • Unit - is a component of study.  In school you may have called these subjects.  
  • Course - is the overall degree, Bachelor of...
  • Credit point - a credit point is the way that Deakin divides up to amount of time dedicated to a unit. Deakin says a full time student studies 3-4 credit points per trimester. Most students will study 4 credit points per trimester if they want to use only trimester 1 and 2 to complete their degree in a timely manner.   
  • Cloud (online) - this refers to a type of study contact where you do not come to face to face classes and but learn with computer/internet based material.
  • Class - this refers to a type of study contact where you do come to face to face learning in a large group.  Traditionally classes have been referred to as lectures.  Generally you do not need to timetable yourself into classes.
  • Seminar - this refers to a type of study mode where you do come to face to face learning in a small group.  You need to timetable yourself into seminars after you have enrolled.

Check the Handbook for unit and course information

The Handbook is the official source of information about studying at Deakin and the best place to search for information about courses and units.

Enter your course code or name and read the record for your course. Click the unit code links to read more about each unit.

Note down your desired units for all trimesters of your first year (trimester 3 is only compulsory for Optometry students):

Consider your course requirements

All courses at Deakin require you to complete a fixed number of credit points. You'll also need to check if there are compulsory core units for your course, or if you need to choose a major sequence (made up of unit sets).

Consider prerequisite units, which must be completed before enrolment in a subsequent unit will be accepted.

If you don't follow the course or unit rules, you risk a rule breach or even having invalid units. 

Seek advice from a faculty course adviser

Whether you are studying at a campus or through the Cloud (online) mode make sure you talk to a faculty course adviser (by phone, email or in person) when planning your enrolment. They will be able to explain rules and requirements to help you plan your course.

Some tips on selecting units:

  • When you add a cloud (online) unit the campus location is not important.
  • If you want to study a unit at a different campus to where you are supposed to study you will need to talk to a faculty course adviser to discuss your options.
  • Not all units are available to study in the cloud (online) contact your faculty course adviser to discuss your options.

Credit for Prior Learning

If you have prior learning and/or experience you wish to have credited to your Deakin degree you need to apply for Credit for Prior Learning.  This will impact on what units you can study in so it is important to do this early.

3. Enrol online

Make sure you enrol online before the date given in your offer email or you may lose your place.  You also need to ensure you finalise your class selection before the last day to add units or you will not able to add the unit.

1. Log in to StudentConnect, you will need the username and password you created at Part 1.

2. Check the details are correct on your personal details summary.

3. If you applied for Credit for Prior Learning, check if this has been processed in the left hand menu.

Make sure you are enrolling in the right course

4. Click 'Enrol in unit/course' in the left hand menu. Click on your course to continue.

  • Two or more courses?  You have been offered or enrolled in more than one course. Enrol in the course you wish to study only.  You may need to discontinue the other course after you enrol in this one (unless you are waiting to graduate from that course).
  • Two years showing? You are enrolling in the Trimester 3 period so you get the option to enrol in this year and next year.  Enrol in this year first, then next year.

5. Check your course and year that you will be enrolling in is correct.  Read the steps you need to complete to enrol.  To continue click on the hyperlink "Click here" at the bottom of the list.

6. Read through the Terms and Conditions of enrolment at Deakin University. If you need more information read through Rights and Responsibilities.  When you are ready click Accept. 

7. Check your details on the next page, including the campus and mode.

  • Tick the "New Students must tick this and press submit" box. 
  • If you are a cloud (online) student, tick the box. 
  • Press submit. 

8. The page will then display again, but your status will have changed from unconfirm. Press confirm.

  • Enrolled means that Deakin is officially active in your first trimester of enrolment and you have enrolled in units. 
  • Inactive means that Deakin is not officially active in your first trimester of enrolment and/or you have not enrolled in units. You need to enrol in units and wait for the set date to pass for your status to change to enrolled.

Update your details

9. Change or add to your details by clicking Update/Add. You then make the change on another screen, submit it and then return to the address page.  When each section is complete click Continue.

  • Update your preferred name – here you are ensure only your first name (not full name) or preferred name appears in DeakinSync,CloudDeakin and other environments
  • Your postal address – where we send mail
  • Your home address – where you live
  • Personal (non-Deakin) email address
  • Primary Emergency Contact – someone Deakin should contact if an emergency happens, this should be someone within Australia
  • Secondary Emergency Contact 

Statistics about you

10. Complete the Government Statistics.  Read each question carefully.  You need to complete each question except:

  • Question 8 only applies to domestic students. International students skip this question and go on to Question 9.
  • Question 10 only applies to those who are studying a postgraduate degree.  A postgraduate degree is a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Master or Doctorate.  Undergraduate students skip this question and go to Question 11.

Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF) (Domestic students only)

11. Complete this form by following the arrows and steps to accept a Commonwealth Supported Place regardless of how you wish to pay your fees.  For government information is available about HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP.

  • If you don't have a Tax File Number you can still complete this form, but you will need to go back later to add it.  Just do as much of the page as possible without your TFN.
  • Failure to provide a TFN by the census date will result in your enrolment being terminated.
  • You can only complete this form once a day.  

SA-HELP (Domestic course students only)

12.  Complete this form by following the arrows and steps to defer your Student Services and Amenities Fee form (SA-HELP).  This is a compulsory fee for domestic students except those studying a higher degree by research.

  • If you don't have a Tax File Number you can still complete this form, but you will need to go back later to add it.  Failure to provide a TFN by the census date will result in you having to pay upfront.
  • You can only complete this form once a day.  

Unit sets (majors/specialisations)

Complete this step if you need a Unit Set. Unit sets are applicable to only some courses.  For some courses you need to select one to enrol in particular units but your Faculty will have advised this.  For most courses when you first enrol you do not need to select a unit set until later in your degree once you have had time to explore. 

13. To select a unit set you:

a) Click search for a list of unit searches to appear

b) Tick the add box next to the unit set(s) you wish to complete

c) Click add at the bottom of the screen.

d) Confirm you wish to add the unit set(s) by pressing Confirm.  This will then be added to your student record.

14. Continue to the next enrolment step.

Add units

15. Note any units that automatically appear on your record on your enrolment checklist (PDF, 147.6 KB)  as you don't need to add them. Review which units you have left to add manually for each trimester of your first year.  

16. To add units manually:

a) Search for units by adding the unit code in the search box in the lower right hand side of the unit selection table.

b) Identify the right trimester, campus and mode for your unit.  

c) Tick add to the unit you wanted added to your record.

d) Click Add at the bottom of the table.

Repeat for each unit you need to add manually.

17. Check the units in the Unit Selection table against your enrolment checklist (PDF, 147.6 KB) .  Ensure each unconfirmed unit has been ticked.

18. Submit your unit selection by clicking on the submit button on the lower left hand side of the table.

  • If you may get a unit breach you need to read the pop up that appears to know why and how to fix it.  You may need to discuss this pop up with your Faculty Course Adviser.

19. Confirm to verify you wish to enrol in these units.

Proof you are enrolled

20. Note your receipt number. If you don't receive a receipt number:

  • Check you don't still have to confirm or submit your units.
  • Check your Evidence of Enrolment in the left hand menu.  The .pdf file will show you what units you are enrolled in.  If the units are not enrolled then you need to revisit your unit selection.

Your enrolment status may be inactive.  This is because you are not enrolled in the current trimester but a future trimester.  As long as your units are enrolled you are enrolled.  Your enrolment status will become enrolled once we transition to the next trimester.

After you enrol

Once you have enrolled through StudentConnect, use DeakinSync which is your personal hub with easy access to everything you need to succeed.

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DeakinSync is where you will

  • Get directly to your unit sites in CloudDeakin
  • Find tools to manage your inbox, your calendar, and your life
  • Collaborate with others, anywhere, anytime
  • Manage your enrolment, update your details and pay your fees

DeakinSync makes it easy to find what you're looking for once you are a student.


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