Information systems

Digital information has revolutionised the way we do business. Its capture, strategic use and associated technology in the business environment, is the discipline of information systems.

Having an understanding of the relationship between IT and business means IS professionals are highly sought after.

What is information systems?

Despite popular assumption, a degree in information systems doesn't require you to build intricate software programs; you just need a passion for new technology and business.

As a graduate, you will get the opportunity to work in a variety of different fields, and implement cutting edge technologies to solve business problems. Information systems is the lynchpin of modern business and is growing at a rapid rate. This means, IS graduates are in high demand and can begin their careers with handsome salaries.

Tim Cooke

Tim Cooke
Bachelor of Business Information Systems/
Bachelor of Information Technology

'Adding information systems to my skill set was a very good move – I know the skills I have are highly sought after all over the world.'

What can you study?

Deakin's Bachelor of Information Systems (BIS) produces job-ready IS professionals. The course provides a broad understanding of IS, work-integrated learning, and an industry on campus program to facilitate formal engagement between students and employers, ensuring a great start to your career.

You can also upsize your career options, by combining IS with a degree in Arts, Commerce, Health Sciences, Law, IT or languages.

As a student, you have the opportunity to participate in intensive units. Study tour saw Melbourne students travel to Warrnambool for an eight day program to explore the opportunities that connectivity can bring to a regional centre such as Warrnambool. The program focused on a study conducted by Deakin over ten years ago and aimed to compare and build on the findings of that study ten years down the track. The program included classroom activities, industry visits, geocaching and social activities, culminating in a team presentation.

At postgraduate level, Deakin's Master of Information Systems offers you high quality, interdisciplinary education across the breadth of information systems (IS). The course integrates the use of technology within a broader policy and strategic framework, equipping you for higher level policy and management opportunities, beyond the constraints of narrow technical boundaries. Interdisciplinary specialisations open up opportunities in one of the most important areas of demand in the professional labour market worldwide.

The Master of Information Systems offers career opportunities to students desiring IS knowledge, and to those who want to combine IS skills and knowledge with other disciplines, such as marketing, commercial law and international business. A graduate diploma and graduate certificate offer pathways into the master's.

An Information Systems Management specialisation is available in the Deakin MBA.


Information Systems is the lifeblood of the modern business world. In fact, IS professionals are in demand around the world, with one of the highest starting graduate salaries in Australia. It represents the greatest wave of opportunity with the explosion of information and technology in our lives.

Career opportunities for Information Systems and business analytics graduates include entry pathways leading to careers such as:


Business analystsInformation technology consultants
Information systems auditorsProject managers
Information systems consultantsSecurity analysts
Undergraduate (Bachelor) degrees
Bachelor of Information SystemsCourse information for:Local StudentsInternational Students
Bachelor of Information Systems /Bachelor of ArtsCourse information for:Local StudentsInternational Students
Bachelor of Information Systems /Bachelor of Health SciencesCourse information for:Local StudentsInternational Students
Bachelor of Information Systems/Bachelor of Information TechnologyCourse information for:Local StudentsInternational Students
Bachelor of Information Systems /Bachelor of LawsCourse information for:Local StudentsInternational Students
Bachelor of Commerce /Bachelor of Information SystemsCourse information for:Local StudentsInternational Students
Postgraduate degrees
Graduate Certificate of Information SystemsCourse information for:Local StudentsInternational Students
Graduate Diploma of Information SystemsCourse information for:Local StudentsInternational Students
Master of CommerceCourse information for:Local StudentsInternational Students
Master of Information SystemsCourse information for:Local StudentsInternational Students

Why study at Deakin?

International accreditation

You can combine the Bachelor of Information systems with the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) and a specialisation in the Master of Commerce. Deakin's BCom is internationally recognised and EPAS accredited by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). EPAS is an international quality benchmark for business programs worldwide. Deakin is the only Australian university with EPAS accreditation for its Bachelor of Commerce.

EPAS logo

QS accreditation for our Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Our courses are flexible

You can study when, where and how you like, and tailor your study around your work and lifestyle commitments. Deakin's trimester system offers three study periods each year, enabling you to commence your course at different times of the year. It also enables you to speed up or slow down your study while still completing your course within the normal time frames.

Industry recognition

Our IS programs have been developed in collaboration with major employer groups, with a strong focus on industry needs, relevant theoretical and practical knowledge, and skills that enhance employability. Most of our IS degrees are accredited by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and offer you international and national recognition.

Work integrated learning is a core component of our IS courses. An 'Industry on Campus' program puts students in touch with prospective employers. Our program aims to ensure students have every opportunity to work with IS graduates and professionals every trimester - giving them a head start in their career

Undergraduate and Postgraduate information booklets

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