Diploma of Language

The Diploma of Language is suitable for students with no language experience, as well as those who have previously studied the language, and native speakers. Students study different units depending on their prior knowledge.

Why study Languages at Deakin?

Get ready for your new career

This award offers considerable flexibility by making it possible for you to study language as an adjunct to any other discipline(s), particularly when your degree structure would not otherwise permit completion of the full language major.
The Diploma of Language will be of interest to students across the University for whom a systematic study of language is a desirable addition to their primary course of study.

Learn from the best

Deakin's Diploma of Language staff have many years of combined industry experience, and are leaders in their research fields.

Career and Industry

Language skills in Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian and Spanish are increasingly important in diplomacy, defence, security, commerce and trade-related fields; as well as for developing intercultural understanding and a global outlook.
These four languages are all strategic in terms of Australia's interests, and new opportunities are expected to emerge in the future in response to our ever-changing world.

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