Take action, change the world as you know it. Humanitarian Assistance.

Humanitarian Assistance

The environment in which humanitarian workers find themselves today is more complex and diverse than ever.  Conflicts are increasingly complicated and natural disasters are escalating in number and intensity, often occurring in regions already struggling with socio-economic and political constraints. While organisations and governments improve their preparedness and response mechanisms, no two emergency interventions are ever the same. To deal with such complexities, humanitarian workers are required to display and use a diverse range of knowledge and competencies.

The Master of Humanitarian Assistance is the first course of its kind in the Asia Pacific region.


For more information please select from the course options below:

Graduate Certificate of Humanitarian Leadership


Master of Humanitarian Assistance


MOOC - Humanitarian Responses to 21st Century Disasters


Deakin University is committed to engaging and developing current and future humanitarian leaders as innovative thinkers and dynamic achievers through pursuing unparalleled academic and practice excellence.

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