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Deakin's performing arts programs are designed to develop students physical, creative and intellectual skills. Our graduates are self motivated, dynamic, independent and entrepreneurial professionals with a variety of performance skills.

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Undergraduate (Bachelor) degrees
Bachelor of Creative Arts (Dance)Course information for:Local StudentsInternational Students
Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama)Course information for:Local StudentsInternational Students

What can I study?

With innovative practices and first-class facilities, Deakin is the ideal environment in which to let your talent and creativity run wild.


Dance at Deakin is focused on developing students' physical, creative and intellectual skills, resources and capacities through study and practice in the art of contemporary dance. Our graduates are self-motivated dance-makers and contributors to the wider field of the arts and physical culture.


Deakin's Drama graduates are dynamic, independent and entrepreneurial - equally at home performing, creating performance, directing, designing, teaching, and producing performance for a wide range of contexts.

Why study at Deakin?

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Deakin has three purpose-built performance studios which allow students to produce public performances at a professional standard, and to explore areas such as:

  • stage design
  • lighting
  • sound
  • production and stage management
  • publicity and marketing

Dance - Practical arts management skills are gained that will assist in achieving a variety of careers in the Performing Arts, with focus on oral and written communication, personal and group management, reflection and decision-making in tandem with the development of physical, compositional and research skills.

Drama - Receive a thorough grounding in fundamental performance and performance-making skills, but can combine their studies in this area with units in other Creative Arts and Arts areas, and in units which allow them to collaborate across Creative Arts disciplines such as Dance, Film and Television, Visual Arts and Multimedia.

Career opportunities for graduates

Deakin's Drama and Dance graduates are in high demand and can be found working with many  contemporary theatre and dance companies in Australia. Graduates are also well known in the industry as initiators of independent projects particularly working across disciplines. Drama and Dance teachers are also in strong demand.

  • Contemporary dance companies
  • Live theatre
  • Contemporary performance companies
  • Performing arts centres
  • Independent dance production companies
  • Independent dance professional
  • Health and Behavioural Sciences
  • Community Development
  • Education - Teach Dance
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