DUELI refund policy

DUELI has a detailed refund policy that oversees all possible stages of  a student's enrolment. Prospective DUELI students are advised that: 

  • A course is defined as the total length of your enrolment at DUELI
  • Refunds will not be granted after your DUELI course has  commenced
  • The enrolment and orientation fee is non-refundable.

Refunds prior to the DUELI course commencing 

Requests for refunds received less than 28 days prior to the  commencement of the course will receive a refund of 50 per cent of  the tuition fee. 

The maximum amount retained by Deakin will not exceed 12 weeks  of the published tuition fee.

Full refund 

A full refund of tuition fees paid may be given under special circumstances. Such circumstances are those that are beyond the control of the student or those which make it impossible for the student to continue. The following reasons are grounds to apply for a full refund:

  • a student is refused a student visa by the Commonwealth Government authorities
  • an offer is withdrawn or an enrolment terminated because the University is unable to provide the course of study
  • the government has limited Deakin's right to conduct courses for overseas students
  • a student is unable to fulfil the conditions of an offer
  • a student fails to meet progression rules and is not permitted to re-enrol
  • a student provides written advice more than four weeks prior to the commencement of the English language course. 

Executive discretion may be exercised to consider applications which do not comply with the above provisions but for which extraordinary circumstances may exist. An application for a refund in special circumstances must be made in writing and sent to the Director of DUELI. Proof of payment of the fees (e.g. an official receipt) and validation of the reasons for applying for a refund will be required.

Methods of refund 

  • New students should notify in writing to the Director of DUELI, any wish to cancel enrolment.
  • If Deakin defaults in the provision of the course the refund will be made within two weeks of the default event.
  • If the student defaults the refund will be made within four weeks of the University being notified.
  • Refunds will be made by cheque or EFT in Australian dollars only.
  • Refunds in the form of the transfer of fees to Deakin University or MIBT will not be made directly to a student.
  • Refunds may be made to a nominated person/sponsor who initially paid the student's fees. 

For more information on methods of refund, please visit our fees website. This agreement does not remove the right to take further action under Australia's consumer protection law or pursue other legal remedies. 

Attendance requirements

Australian visa regulations require students to attend at least 80 per cent of classes to be eligible to continue to study in Australia. DUELI is required to keep attendance records and notify the Australian Immigration authorities in cases of unsatisfactory attendance.

Privacy statement

The personal information on the application form is collected to enable Deakin University to process your application for enrolment, to assist the University in marketing and planning activities and to enable the University to meet its reporting and other obligations to government agencies.

If your application is successful the information will be used to manage your academic progress, to communicate with you and to allow you to use the University's services and facilities. Your personal information will be disclosed to government agencies pursuant to reporting and other obligations, including disclosures to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and the Department of Education, Employment and Work Relations.

Your personal information will also be disclosed to your overseas student health cover provider and, if you are under 18 years of age, to the carer appointed for you pursuant to the National Code 2007 made under the Education Services for Overseas Student Act 2000.

The University will treat your personal information in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2000 (Vic.). If personal information is not provided on the form as requested, it may not be possible for the University to process your application for enrolment.

You may gain access to the personal information held about you by the University. Requests for access are managed in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic.) and may be directed to the Manager, Freedom of Information at the University. You may view the University's privacy policy at The Guide and the University's Privacy Officer can be contacted on 03 9246 8114 or at privacy@deakin.edu.au.

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