Useful websites for self-study (Writing)

Use the following websites to revise what you have learnt in the classroom and to improve your overall writing skills:

  1. Deakin Student Learning
  2. TLS Student Learning: General study skills, academic essay writing & exam techniques
  3. The Writing Centre: This site will help you with writing introductions and conclusions. Examples are also provided.
  4. Paradigm Online Writing Assistant: An interactive online writing tutorial.
  5. Academic Writing: Writing module: created by Victoria University (in New Zealand). You can practice all aspects of essay writing.
  6. Case Study Report Writing: The site contains sample reports and exercises to help you write case studies and reports.
  7. A Guide to Grammar and Writing: With over 400 references related to grammar and writing, you might find your answer here!
  8. An Interactive Grammar and Writing Book: Sentence Sense 17 chapters of information and exercises: start at Chapter One for simple sentence practice. Go to Chapter 8 for problems with run-on sentences, sentence fragments and other usage problems.
  9. Report Writing 2:
  10. The structure of a Sentence:
  11. Simple Sentences 1
  12. Simple Sentences 2
  13. Communication strategies for Scientists and Engineers
  14. Academic literacy site
  15. eSKILLS UNE: A good site for information literacy and essay writing; useful site for essay writing techniques.
  16. provides templates and tools for creating comics.
  17. Plain English at Work: a guide to help organisations develop English documents.
  18. Purdue University Online Writing Lab: An excellent writing resource on the web.
  19. Yes English Guide to Punctuation: tutorial covering all aspects of this subject.
  20. UNSW Report Writing FAQ
  21. Academic Writing: Writing module created by Victoria University (in New Zealand). You can practise all aspects of essay writing.
  22. Annotated Sample Essay: This annotated essay is suitable for UP students and identifies what makes a good essay.
  23. Essay Writing: This has a good guide to writing an essay of 250-600 words.  It uses the 5 paragraph structure and is useful for Elicos 1 – UP2 and IELTS.
  24. Online Writing Support: Another excellent resource for helping you with academic and general writing is from Towson University.  The site is suitable for UP students and the grammar is also suitable for EL1.
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