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2015 fees

Students are advised to talk with their Study Abroad Office at their home institution before applying to Deakin University. You may be advised to apply directly to Deakin, apply through your home institution Study Abroad Office or through a representative/program provider. Depending upon the option that you select, the costs and services vary.

Students applying directly to Deakin University are required to pay:

    *  Tuition fees for 2015: $AUD8,900 per trimester
    *  Overseas Student Health Cover for 2015: $AUD221 per trimester

Please note that tuition fees are likely to increase annually, and that if your program of study starts in one academic year and finishes in the next, the fee for the subsequent year will be the fee set by the University for that year.

These fees include tuition, Beach Welcome Program, airport reception and transfer upon arrival, ongoing student support and academic transcript upon completion of study. The Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is a compulsory Australian Government fee covering basic medical and hospital care.

The above fees do not include accommodation, travel, books and general living costs. The Study Abroad tuition fee is a flat fee regardless of the number of units taken. Fees for continuing students are assessed and invoiced before the beginning of each semester and must be paid by the due date. Non-payment of fees will result in termination of enrolment. Fees for new students must be paid before a student visa can be issued. Students are advised to to be familiar with Deakin's fees and refund policy.


 The Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Why do international students need OSHC?

The Department Immigration and Border Protection requires all international students (and their dependents) coming to Australia to study under a Student Visa and to have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for duration of their Student visas. Failure to have continuous cover could result in a student visa being cancelled.

Students must make their first OSHC payment prior to being granted a student visa.

Note: some Belgian, Norwegian and Swedish students may be covered by health insurance provided by their governments and, as such, do not have to take out OSHC. Contact Deakin International to find out if you belong to this category.

Who offers OSHC?

The following companies are approved OSHC providers:

OSHC providers offer cover for the cost of, or part thereof, the following:

  • medical consultations
  • in-patient hospital services
  • emergency ambulance services.

Each OSHC provider offers slightly different levels of service, benefits and added features. Deakin's preferred OSHC provider is BUPA Australia, a leading Australian Health Fund which offers an extended OSHC product and service platform to students at no added cost.

If you have any queries or would like to speak to a BUPA representative, please call the BUPA OSHC hotline on 1800 888 942 or visit the website at www.overseasstudenthealth.com.

BUPA OSHC also has a counter on Level 2, Building LA of the Melbourne Burwood Campus. The counter is open from Monday to Friday between 10am and 5pm.

Pre-arranged OSHC for new students

Deakin International arranges program length OSHC for students who are arriving from overseas to study in Australia for the first time. If you have paid your OSHC fee with your tuition fees, you will automatically be insured with BUPA Australia OSHC. You will receive your BUPA OSHC card from Deakin/BUPA staff at the on-campus Enrolment and Orientation session that is held before teaching period commences. Deakin may receive a benefit from health care providers for assisting with the provision of health cover for overseas students.

For more information about the terms and conditions of your cover, contact BUPA Australia OSHC .

Can students choose their own OSHC provider?

Yes, you are free to sign up with other OSHC providers while studying at Deakin.

How does OSHC work?

Most OSHC providers have agreements with clinics and medical providers, where you can be treated without having to pay the consultation bill. By presenting your OSHC membership card, your consultation bill will be sent directly to your OSHC provider who will settle your bill with the medical provider. This procedure is called 'bulk billing'.

You will need to check with your OSHC provider the list of medical providers whom they have bulk-billing agreements with and the details of these agreements.

If you choose to go to a medical provider who does not have a bulk-billing agreement with your OSHC provider, you may need to pay your medical bill first and claim a refund from your OSHC provider at a later date. If you do so, make sure you keep your receipt in order to make a claim.

A list of clinics with bulk-billing agreements with BUPA Australia OSHC, Deakin's preferred OSHC provider, can be obtained from their website or check with Deakin International.

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