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At Deakin we are committed to offering students a high standard of experiential learning opportunities, under supervision from both the University and the host organisation. We work closely with students to make their experiences valuable, as well as working closely with our industry partners to make sure the programs are beneficial for all parties involved.

As a Study Abroad student you are eligible to apply for these internships provided you are in at least your third year of study, with a substantial portion of your major completed. Study Abroad students are eligible to enrol in the Volunteering unit at any stage of their degree and from any discipline, not just Business and Law students. The Internship and volunteering unit usually accounts for a quarter of a full-time semester study load. Students who wish to apply for an internship unit must complete the relevant section of the Study Abroad application.

Social Work Placement - HSW331

Topics to be addressed in this unit include: integrating theory and practice; working with clients in agencies; writing records, case notes and reports; understanding the impact of social policy on practice; learning how to use relevant Codes of Ethics in practice; becoming aware of international developments in social work; conducting and using practice research; interpersonal communication skill development.

In consultation with their academic and field educators, students are expected to develop an individualised educational plan for the practicum. This plan should be designed so that they are able to demonstrate that they have begun to master the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) Practice Standards by working with selected clientele and sharing in selected aspects of the associated work of the agencies in which they are placed. Students will be expected to reflect critically on day-to-day experiences in practicum, explore issues and make verbal and written presentations to peers, colleagues and mentors.

Business Internship - MMI301

Special enrolment requirements apply.
Students should have made substantial progress in their major/s
First and second trimester, 1 credit point
Assessment: Progressive assessment 100%

This unit aims to provide students with the opportunity to undertake appropriate and relevant experiential learning by taking up a work placement with an approved host organization. The unit also aims to further the interests of both the student and the host organization as well as meeting the assessment requirements of the unit and build on the skills gained in the student's business degree to prepare students for future graduate employment.

Students must be on exchange for two consecutive trimesters to enrol in this internship program. The internship will be organised during the students first trimester of exchange and the student will be enrolled in the internship during their second trimester of exchange..

Further information on the Business Internship Program is available from the Faculty of Business and Law.

Please note: MMI301 is only available to students here for two trimesters.

Community Based Volunteering - MIS291

Available to students from all disciplines
Second Trimester, 1 Credit Point
Each CBV unit comprises a minimum 100 hours of unpaid contact
Assessment: a CBV Portfolio (60%) and a Post-CBV Report (40%)

This unit is aimed to give students the opportunity to undertake appropriate and relevant experiential learning within their studies. This is a unique opportunity for exchange students to immerse themselves into their new community in Australia and to develop communication and coordination skills needed to proficiently work with others in a professional practice setting.

Students are given the opportunity to take part in a community based volunteering placement with not-for-profit organisations as a means for:

    *  Enhancing and applying academic learning in the workplace.
    *  Developing citizenship, generic skills and graduate attributes that enhance future employment.
    *  Help students develop 'a sense of community' and appreciate the impact of their role as individuals.

The units encourage a hands-on approach to learning during the experience and involve a range of reflective assessment tasks to facilitate the learning outcomes. The objectives of the unit are to provide an opportunity where students will be able to:

    *  Undertake an authentic work placement with a community organization (NFP, NGO or Local Government).
    *  Apply generic capabilities (employability skills), and develop the key competencies of a lifelong learner.
    *  Critically appraise on, and demonstrate, development of discipline specific knowledge, skills and dispositions required for future professional pathways.

Further information on the Community Based Volunteering Unit  is available from the Faculty of Business and Law

Please note: MIS291 is only available to students here for two trimesters.

Creative Industries Internship - ALX321

Internship areas available:
Media Arts
Professional and Creative Writing
Graphic Design
Visual Arts

Apart from introductory briefing sessions where relevant, the content of this unit derives from student placement in a supervised workplace or creative project where each student will undertake a project that will be reported both to the workplace/supervisor/mentor and the University. After researching and selecting a work placement, students devise a mutually agreed upon supervised project and/or undertake a supervised position within a workplace environment.

During the Internship students will be required to:

* develop a profile of the organisation or workplace and targeted creative industry sector, and conduct interviews with expert practitioners where applicable

* develop a project/folio/product, outline a sequence of specified tasks, and assess the process and outcomes of the project and/or Internship experience through written/oral presentations.

The internship will involve briefing meetings where relevant, and presentation seminars/showreels/ folios/performances as appropriate to the targeted creative industry sector. Total placement to be approximately 100 hours.

Possible placements for an internship include:  organisations and practitioners associated with film, video, television, radio, sound, animation, web design, photography, graphic design, visual arts, writing/publishing/editing, communications/media, events/performance/theatre production, and/or events associated with creative arts industry sectors, and/or corporate/government-linked associations.

Media and Communication Internship - ALC313

After briefing sessions, the content of the unit is the internship itself, which is a placement in a mutually arranged, supervised position where students will undertake a project for the workplace and report on it both to the workplace and the university. The methodologies that need to be utilised in the project are dependant upon the type of placement. In this particular unit students will be expected to complete the following tasks:

An in-depth focus in at least one of pre-production development, production processes, or post-production tasks, and a demonstrated knowledge of the other areas that are not studies in detail;

Produce a folio of work completed (if applicable);

Produce a report of the placement based on the experiences gained, interviews with appropriate personnel and supported by research from other authoritative sources.

Journalism Internship - ALJ321

After briefing session, the content of the unit is the Internship itself, which is a placement in a mutually arranged, supervised position where students will undertake a project for the workplace and report on it both to the workplace and the University. The methodologies that need to be utilised in the project are dependent upon the type of placement. In this particular unit students will be expected to undertake one or more of the following tasks: article writing; script editing; observation of newsroom practice; verbal presentation- in an end of semester report to the tutorial group; produce an extensive folio of published work (which may include broadcast and online publication).

Journalism internship examples

  • Working for a metropolitan newspaper researching, interviewing people, and writing stories. This student produced an extensive folio, including 3,000 words of published articles and a large number of bi-lines.
  • A three-month Internship at Channel 31 (community television) on production of the television pilot Geelong Live"
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