Top 10 Tips for scholarship applications

The following are the top tips to take the stress out of applying for a scholarship.

  1. Read up on the scholarship you are applying for. Ensure that you are aware of what the scholarship eligibility requirements are and what it pays. You can use this information when answering questions like "how will this scholarship benefit you?".  
  2. Double check the eligibility requirements and apply for all scholarships you are eligible for. Don't miss out by not submitting an application.   
  3. Be aware of the deadline - Make sure you check the closing date for the scholarship/s you are applying for. Scholarships may have different closing dates so to avoid missing out "check and diarise" as late applications will not be accepted.  
  4. Be prepared - The online scholarship application is a series of questions. You may be required to submit personal statements or provide details about your personal circumstances.     
  5. The online application can be saved at any time. Don't rush to complete your application. The information that you provide is used to assess and rank your application. If you rush or don't provide anything your application may not adequately reflect your circumstances. Spend time on your application, making sure that your responses answer the questions ie. impact, benefits, personal circumstances.   
  6. Proof-read your application. Check that you have answered all required sections of the application.  Do not use terms like "as above"; you should re-type or re-state your circumstances in all sections if required. Also check for spelling errors.  
  7. Check that you have submitted your application.  
  8. Provide supporting documentation by the due date. Most scholarships will require some form of supporting documentation to be supplied. Refer to the Supporting documentation page for more details.   
  9. Be prepared - If you state that you have a disability or medical condition, you will need to provide a letter from a medical practitioner detailing your condition and impact on your studies. All information provided is treated in the strictest confidence according to our privacy policy.   
  10. Email or call the Scholarships and Financial Assistance Office if you have any questions about the application process.

Remember your scholarship application will be assessed and ranked on the information you provide in your application and the supporting documentation you supply. Visit the Scholarships and awards site for more information.

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