Current research scholarship holders FAQs

I'm a current HDR student, how do I apply for a scholarship in the next round?

Current research students should complete a current candidate application form and submit it via email to the Research Scholarships Office indicating that you wish to be considered in the next research scholarship round. Your original candidature application and the information provided in the current candidate application form will be used for assessment during the scholarship round.

Where can I find information on other research scholarship opportunities for current students?

Other research scholarship opportunities available to current research students are regularly listed on the Research Degree Scholarships page.

Why have my scholarship payments changed or suddenly stopped?

Scholarship payments will automatically stop when your scholarship reaches the expire date. Scholarship holders are sent an email before their scholarship is due to expire.

You should immediately report any unexplained changes to your scholarship payments to the Research Scholarships Office.

How do I update my mailing address?

If you have changed your mailing address, your details need to be updated on StudentConnect (new window) in addition to completing an employee details change form and submitting it via email to the Research Scholarships Office.

How do I apply to intermit or extend my scholarship?

Applications to intermit or extend your scholarship are made via the HDR online forms.

Can I claim extended sick leave/maternity/paternity leave from my scholarship and how do I make a claim?

Most scholarship holders are entitled to 10 days paid sick leave per annum within the tenure of the award. This leave must be approved by your supervisor. It does not need to be reported to the Research Scholarships Office.

Most scholarships also provide paid extended sick leave, maternity and paternity leave. However, before making a claim you should check your scholarship terms and conditions. To make a claim, awardees must  apply for intermission of candidature. Medical certificates should be uploaded with the application.

How do I claim my relocation reimbursement?

Most scholarships provide a relocation reimbursement to assist students who have moved from overseas or interstate to commence studies at Deakin. However, before making a claim you should check your scholarship terms and conditions. To make a claim, you must complete a request for payment by electronic transfer form and submit it with your original dated receipts. Photocopies or scanned receipts are not acceptable. All receipts must be in detailed in English. In the case of flight expenses, you may submit an e-ticket. Receipts must be in your name and contain total payment amounts.  

You should submit your receipts in person to:

Deakin Research
Building jb
Room jb3.200
(near the Cashier's office)  

Or via mail to:

Research Scholarships Office
Deakin Research
Deakin University
Waurn Ponds Campus
Locked Bag 20000
Geelong, VIC 3220

I would like to change to part-time or off-campus studies, how does this affect my scholarship?

Any change from full-time or on-campus studies is likely to result in termination of your scholarship. Under exceptional circumstances you may be approved to change to part-time or off-campus studies and keep your scholarship. For further advice on this process, contact the Research Scholarships Office.

Am I allowed to work whilst receiving a scholarship?

Students are allowed to undertake a limited amount of part-time employment whilst receiving a scholarship, provided the work does not interfere with the progress of your research program. Approval must be sought for periods of part-time work amounting to more than six hours per week. The Head of School must certify that the work does not interfere with the progress of the research and the statement must be lodged with Deakin Research.

Will I receive a payment summary from the University at the end of the financial year for my research scholarship payments?

Full-time research scholarships holders will not receive a payment summary at the end of each financial year as payments are non-taxable.

What happens to my scholarship if I submit my thesis for examination earlier than my scholarship expiry date?

Scholarship payments will be terminated two weeks after the submission date of your thesis.

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