Publication scholarships

Please note that this scheme has been discontinued. New applications for 2015 will not be accepted.

Eligibility, terms and conditions for existing awardees

  1. Applications are open only to HDR candidates who have submitted in 2014.
  2. A Publication Scholarship is for the production of a paper for submission to a high quality journal which has international circulation, or other media appropriate to the discipline area.
  3. Applicants must be enrolled as an HDR candidate at Deakin University at the time of application.
  4. An application for a scholarship can be made at any time after notification of the intention to submit the thesis. The offer of a scholarship will lapse if the thesis is not submitted within five months of the application for the scholarship. The lapse of an offer does not preclude consideration of a further application at a later date.
  5. A Publication Scholarship can only be held during the first three months after submitting the thesis for examination. Successful applicants must remain at Deakin University for the duration of the scholarship and must work full-time on the production of publications. The scholarship may not be deferred or suspended.
  6. The application must be made on the appropriate form available below and must include a work plan and timetable showing how one or more papers will be written and submitted during the tenure of the scholarship. The supervisor and the Head of School, SRC or Research Institute must endorse the application, certifying that the journal is of high quality, and that the work plan and timetable are realistic and likely to lead to the intended outcomes.
  7. The application will be considered by the Research Scholarships Committee. Criteria for awarding the scholarship will include the realistic nature of the work plan and timetable, the recommendation of the head of department, and the availability of scholarship funds. Decisions made by the Research Scholarships Committee related to the outcomes of publication scholarship applications are final.
  8. An award will provide funding for up to 12 weeks at the same level as an APA ($25,392 per annum). Lesser periods of funding may be awarded in some cases.
  9. The scholarship will be awarded for an initial period of 4 weeks. After three weeks, a request for an extension of funding for a further month can be made.  This must include evidence of satisfactory progress and a comparison of the actual progress with the timetable in the original application. It must be endorsed by the Principal Supervisor as satisfactory. Draft or final manuscripts should be produced where possible, since these constitute the most satisfactory evidence of progress. Extension of the scholarship is not automatic, and will depend on good progress.
  10. After seven weeks of support, a request for a further 4 weeks of funding can be made, in the same manner as before.
  11. If an application for a Publication Scholarship has been unsuccessful, no further applications may be submitted.

Terms and conditions

Please refer to the terms and conditions (PDF, 112.6 KB)  of award.

How to apply for an extension

All extension requests must be submitted electronically to the Deakin Research Scholarships office.

Further information

Please contact the Deakin Research Scholarships office.

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