Frequently asked questions about supporting documents

What supporting documents should I supply?
The supporting documents you supply should substantiate the information you provide in your scholarship application.  Where possible, the supporting documentation you provide should be specific and not general in nature.

What does a certified copy mean?

The document is a true copy of the original and has been sighted by an acceptable person. To have a document certified, you should take the original and a copy to an authorised person. The person must then write on every page of copied document: "I have sighted the original document and certify this to be a true copy of the original." (sample statement)

The person should sign each statement and provide their designation, for example, "Pharmacist."

What type of Centrelink statement can I provide?
Please provide a current (no more than 2 weeks old) Centrelink Income Statement.  The statement should show:

  • Your name and current address
  • Current date
  • the Centrelink benefit you are receiving
  • Amount and payment dates

On-line payment history reports printed directly from the Centrelink website are not acceptable documentation.

How do I provide my Centrelink Income Statement?
If you are applying via the Deakin Course and Applicant Portal you must upload a current copy of your Centrelink Income Statement PDF via the 'Upload Documents' option at the top of the on-line application. The PDF must be the original downloaded from the Centrelink website. Please don't print and scan the document. 

Please ensure that the statement displays the required information detailed above. 

I only have a Health Care Card, will this do?
Yes, a certified copy of your Health Care Card can also be used as supporting documentation. However a Centrelink Income Statement is preferred.

I don't have/can't find my Centrelink Income Statement?
Please call your Centrelink adviser and ask for a new Centrelink Income Statement to be sent.  Please ensure you allow sufficient time to provide the statement to the Scholarships Office before the specified deadline.  Alternatively log into the Centrelink website and request a new Centrelink Income Statement.

I'm having trouble uploading my supporting documents?
Prior to the scholarship closing you will be able to re-enter your on-line scholarship application at any time.  You can use the 'Upload Documents' option at the top on the application page.

Prior the scholarship/s closing if you are experiencing difficulties with your documentation, please email for assistance.  

Late supporting documentation will not be accepted.

I've just completed my application and want to check I uploaded my supporting documents correctly?
To check whether your documents have been uploaded correctly, once you have completed the upload, go the next stage in the application process by clicking on the "Review and Submit" tab at the top of the screen. At the bottom of the screen you will see the section headed "Supporting documents uploaded" which will show a list of all the documents that have been successfully uploaded. To edit or remove your documents, hit the 'edit' button.

To check your documents once you have submitted your application and exited the Applicant Portal, log into the Portal and go to the 'Upload documents' tab. Your previously uploaded documents are listed at the bottom of this screen.

Where to send supporting documents?

All supporting documentation should be uploaded as part of your on-line application or, if you are completing a paper-based application they should be attached to that form.

If you are experiencing difficulties uploading your documentation, please email for assistance.

Please do not email or post your documents if you have already uploaded them with your on-line application.

Supporting documentation checklist

  1. Ensure you put your Scholarship Applicant ID, Full name and contact details on all documents.
  2. Provide supporting documentation before the closing date.
  3. Check your supporting documentation can confirm the information you have provided in your application.
  4. Check your supporting documentation is as specific as possible.
  5. Check your supporting documentation is current.
  6. Please don't use presentation folders or binders to forward your documents.
  7. Call the Scholarships Office if you have any questions.

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