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Whether you are just starting out at Bendigo TAFE, or have completed your Diploma / Advanced Diploma, Deakin will provide you with the tools and advice to help you transfer to Deakin when you are ready. Many students complete the first part of their education at Bendigo TAFE, then transfer to Deakin University to complete their degree.

Bendigo TAFE provides pathway students Guaranteed Entry to Deakin in a growing range of disciplines, subject to meeting reasonable entry standards.  

Key benefits of credit for prior learning supported studies at Bendigo TAFE and Deakin University:

  • Gives certainty:  Know that, subject to meeting reasonable stated entry requirements during your TAFE study, you will receive guaranteed entry into a specified well-regarded university course. Make your tertiary education choices when you leave school with minimized risk.
  • Students can work while studying.  Deakin offers flexible study options and, after completing a TAFE diploma, students can seek higher paid employment while undertaking part-time or full-time university study.
  • Pathways contribute to employability. Students will have a highly marketable mix of practical VET/vocational skills and theoretical higher education knowledge after graduating from Bendigo TAFE and Deakin.
  • Pathways provide staged and supported learning. Students will experience a supported transition from school to tertiary education via TAFE studies, as well as acquire the skills required for tertiary study while undertaking a diploma at Bendigo TAFE.

Deakin is the second largest provider of higher education to Bendigo students and the largest provider of higher education to regional Victorians (outside of metropolitan Melbourne).   The University has established links with key local employers of the Bendigo Manufacturing Group and Australian Industry Group (AIG).  The Deakin School of Engineering has a key strategic partnership with Bendigo to strengthen local manufacturing.  

Guaranteed Entry Pathways: Deakin–Bendigo TAFE Pathways Program

Articulated Pathway with Guaranteed Entry* - Confirmed

Deakin Course

Bendigo TAFE Course

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

Diploma of Children's Services
(Early Childhood Education and Care) (CHC50908)

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours)

Diploma of Engineering - Technical (MEM50212)

Articulated Pathway with Guaranteed Entry – Pending* (will be confirmed for 2015 enrolment)

Deakin Course

Bendigo TAFE Course

Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Honours)

 Diploma of Engineering - Technical (MEM50212)

* These guaranteed pathways will be granted subject to approved academic standards.

Deakin also offers a wide range of credit for prior learning to Bendigo TAFE graduates and many students complete the first part of the program at Bendigo TAFE, then transfer to Deakin University to complete their degree.

Contact for further assistance, or call 1300 DEGREE (1300 334 733)

To find out what credit you may be eligible for, search our Credit for Prior Learning Database below and learn what credit you can receive from your qualifications.

If you can't find your previous institution or course in the database, you may still be eligible for credit. Deakin welcomes applications for credit from all TAFE courses. You can also apply for CPL if you have significant work experience in your chosen area of study.


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