Teaching and Learning

Casual Academic Staff Handbook


Who casual academic staff (CAS) are

Casual academic staff (CAS) are lecturers, tutors, markers, lab/prac demonstrators, online tutors, research assistants, clinical teachers who are employed on a limited time span basis, and are paid for the hours they work.

Casual academic staff do not have definite continuing employment within the University. Many have worked for the University over several years, but on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Why CAS are employed

Casual academic staff may be employed in higher education:

  • to meet increased student demand for units and courses
  • to increase choice and flexibility in subject offerings
  • to bring into the University practising professionals from industry
  • to free up continuing academic staff to conduct research
  • to cater for the learning needs of large numbers of students in many core units
  • to respond to public funding reductions as higher education simultaneously moves towards massification and managerialism
  • as a reflection of increased casualisation more broadly in the Australian workforce.

Role of CAS

Casual academic staff are primarily involved with the delivery of the University’s programs to students. They perform the duties of:

  • lecturing
  • conducting tutorials
  • conducting laboratory/practical sessions
  • facilitating clinical sessions
  • teaching in and monitoring unit online sites through Deakin Studies Online (DSO)
  • studio based teaching
  • assessing student learning
  • research assistants
  • preparing Study Guides
  • other duties as required.

As such, casual academics are often at the forefront of teaching and learning activities. To many students, their tutor or lab/prac demonstrator is the person with whom they have primary and most contact during trimester.

It is important then that casual academics are regarded as an important component of the University community and are given the support and opportunities needed to contribute effectively to the student experience at Deakin.

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5th March 2012