Abstract submissions

The Respect. Prevent. Respond Conference theme for 2020 is ‘Working with diversity and intersectionality in the tertiary education sector’. The conference will continue to have a focus on the prevention and response of sexual assault and sexual harassment in the tertiary and post-secondary sector education sector.

We are inviting abstraction submissions and presentation proposals which share research and/or applied practices. Presentations can be in sharing of information on campus-based initiatives and programs, research findings, case studies, workshops, performances and interactive activities.

Examples of topics:

  • Working with diverse and international students in the prevention of sexual harm
  • Supporting students and their families
  • Managing sexual harm using threat assessment and management framework
  • Respectful relationship education
  • Technology facilitated abuse
  • Overall university strategy/program in the prevention of violence and sexual harm
  • Diversity and inclusion and the link to sexual harm
  • Addressing the drivers of sexual harm on campus.

Submission procedure

1. Prepare abstract detail

Abstract detail should be no longer than one page, regardless of the type of presentation. For each abstract you submit, please provide the following information:

  • presentation title
  • preferred presentation format (e.g. PowerPoint Seminar, Interactive Workshop, etc)
  • name/s of author/s
  • affiliation/s of author/s
  • indicate the presenter
  • short (100 word) biography of the presenter/s.

2. Prepare presentation outline

The presentation outline should be a summary of key points of your presentation. Speakers are usually allocated 30 minutes for their presentation followed by question time. Our recommended format for your presentation outline is as follows:

  • Introduction
    - presentation title, topic, purpose and objective
  • Body
    - background information/narrative
    - key concepts, finding, explanation, and messages
    - 1 to 2 case studies or examples where appropriate.
  • Closing
    - brief detail of closing statement or summary

3. Submit your abstract

You may submit you abstract by emailing rprconference@deakin.edu.au no later than Thursday 31 October 2019. Submissions can be in PDF or Word format.

4. Need some guidance?

If you have any questions or would like support in submitting your abstract, please email the Conference Manager – Ryan Hsu.

We encourage student submissions to the conference and can provide guidance and assistance on putting together a submission.

5. Review and outcome

The Conference Reference Group will review all abstract submissions and communicate to applicants in early November 2019.

6. Presenter registration

All presenters are required to register for the conference and pay the appropriate registration fee within seven days of having their abstracts accepted as part of the official program. Presenters are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs.