Optometry Webinar: Therapeutic Refresher

Tuesday 22 September 2020

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Join us for our Therapeutic Refresher webinar featuring Professor Alex Gentle, Dr Simon Backhouse, Natalie Watt, Ereeny Mikhail and Khyber Alam.

The evening will cover an update on the use of low dose atropine for myopia control, a comprehensive overview of cyclosporin including practical prescribing tips and comparison to other anti-inflammatory agents, and a refresher on the pharmacologic work-up of anisocoria.

We are also delighted to showcase the research of two Deakin PhD candidates: Ereeny Mikhail who will present on ocular allergy, and Khyber Alam who will discuss enablers and uptake of low vision rehabilitation services in Australia.

CPD points are available for your participation in this webinar. 3T points are available for attendance and 4.5T points are available upon successful completion of the assessment.


Professor Alex Gentle

Professor Alex Gentle led the design and set-up of Deakin University’s optometry program and is currently the Associate Head of School for Teaching and Learning in Deakin’s School of Medicine. His UK-based postgraduate studies focussed on the biological mechanisms of ocular and refractive development and myopia control. His teaching focus has included ocular disease and therapeutics.

Dr Simon Backhouse

Dr Simon Backhouse is a vision science lecturer in the School of Medicine, Faculty of Health, Deakin University. He completed his studies in Auckland and was a New Zealand Association of Optometrists Education and Research Fund Postdoctoral Research Fellow from 2010–2012. He was a founding member of the Myopia Control Clinic at The University of Auckland, and he began working at Deakin University in 2014. He has authored a number of peer-reviewed research publications and conference presentations.

Natalie Watt

Natalie Watt is a therapeutically endorsed optometrist who graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1996. Her career began in public health optometry at the Australian College of Optometry (ACO). Natalie then entered private practice, and she practised full-scope optometry for 15 years. Her interest in public health eye care drew her back to the ACO in 2016, and she commenced her role as Associate Lecturer in Optometric Clinical Skills at Deakin in 2018.

Ereeny Mikhail

Ereeny Mikhail obtained her Bachelor of Vision Science and Master of Optometry and Ocular Therapeutics endorsement from Deakin University in 2018. Since graduating, she has worked in a range of clinical practices where she has diagnosed, managed and co-managed a large range of ocular diseases.

She has also taken part in volunteering in Kenya providing optometry services. Ereeny is currently undertaking her PhD at Deakin, focusing on ocular allergy. She has published an article on this topic, receiving the Outstanding Publication Award from the IMPACT Institute. Ereeny is also working with Dr Serap Azizoglu to research Keratoconus, and she plans to research the anterior eye.

Khyber Alam

Khyber Alam is a final year PhD Candidate at Deakin University who completed his Master of Optometry in mid-2016. Born in Pakistan, Khyber also lived in Afghanistan before moving to Australia as a 13-year-old after the 2001 war in Afghanistan evolving out of September 11.

Khyber has experience as an educator, researcher, clinician, founder and executive manager of a humanitarian organisation. He is extremely passionate about serving our global community through affordable, sustainable and up to date healthcare and educational services. His research interests include neurodegenerative retinal diseases, paediatrics, public health, vision impairment and its impact on quality of life and the evaluation of eye care and educational services.

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Tuesday 22 September 2020


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