PaperSpace 2019 Student Exhibition of Architecture

4-11 November 2019
9am - 9pm
Federation Square

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PaperSpace is Deakin University's School of Architecture and Built Environment's annual student exhibition showcasing outstanding work from graduating architecture students.

Architecture is a journey. It has a beginning, a middle and like all journeys, it has an end... a destination, an outcome. The journey from what we want our architecture to be, to what it can be, to what it actually is.

This exhibition attempts to 'map' that journey, through all of the different moments that characterise the architectural trajectory. A journey through and between the entrenched positions of traditional architectural discourse and theory, to a place where the conceptual and the utilitarian come together, to address a wider public responsibility, and where what is not said, is often just as important as what is said.

This 'mapping' is illustrated through the successful design projects on display. Drawing, models and portfolios, covering a range of overarching propositional values, in a manner that not only demonstrates the 'journey', but also emphasises the importance of diversification in the architectural discipline.

PaperSpace 2019 – Architecture is a journey

Come along and see the exceptional work from Deakin University’s graduating architecture students which will be showcased at PaperSpace, a special public exhibition of student work, in Melbourne and Geelong this November.

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Date and time

4-11 November 2019
9am - 9pm


The Atrium
Federation Square


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