Postgraduate human resource management webinar

Deakin Webinar Series

Monday 12 October

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The changing nature of the employer-employee relationship

Accredited by the Australian Human Resources Institute, Deakin’s specialised HRM courses are designed to provide enhanced qualifications for graduates in business, government and industry.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn how the current pandemic has influenced the formal (e.g. flexible work arrangements, working-from home, etc.) and informal (e.g. psychological, perceptions of organisational fit, etc.) aspects of the employer-employee relationship.
  • Learn how organisations can plan for the future in dealing with the expected ongoing flexibility post COVID-19 and the demand for more flexible work.
  • Participate in discussion and Q&A around the changing nature of employer-employee relationship.
  • Learn how postgraduate human resource management courses can equip you to deal with managing the employer-employee relationship.