Risk and Compliance

Risk management is integral to all aspects of Deakin’s activities and is a critical component of Deakin’s governance framework. We assist in identifying, analysing and managing risks and compliance obligations to provide assurance to the University Council and management that decisions are well informed and meet Deakin’s strategic objectives.

Our focus

Deakin implements a robust and transparent risk management program that is aligned to the Australian and New Zealand Standard (AS/NZS ISO 31000:2018), Risk management – Principles and guidelines, ensuring continuous improvement in risk management practices.

Our risk management process ensures that Deakin’s key risks to strategic, operational and project objectives are identified and assessed appropriately, controls are maintained and managed effectively and that, where warranted, further risk treatments are adopted.

Deakin has dedicated programs for managing specialist risk in the areas of financial management, legislative and regulatory compliance, work, health and safety, biosafety, insurance, WorkCover, technology, cyber and information security fraud and corruption, business continuity planning, disaster recovery and critical incident and emergency management.