Deakin 2030: Ideas to Impact - new strategy looks to the next decade

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01 December 2020

Deakin University has released its new strategic plan, Deakin 2030: Ideas to Impact. Through Deakin’s core education and research activities, the new strategy focuses on the transformative power of ideas and innovation to deliver lasting value to communities.

Deakin 2030: Ideas to Impact looks to the next 10 years, mapping out a clear set of priorities that will guide the University’s endeavours.

Underpinned by Deakin’s excellence in education, employability, research and innovation, five overarching ‘Impact Themes’ will act as a compass to navigate decisions. The five themes are important to society, reflect the greatest and most urgent challenges, and align with Deakin’s strengths across the University.

The five Impact Themes are:

  • Advancing society, culture and the economy
  • Building safe and secure communities
  • Creating smarter technologies
  • Enabling a sustainable world
  • Improving health and wellbeing

Development of the new Strategic Plan began in the second half of 2019, almost immediately after new Vice-Chancellor Professor Iain Martin began in the role.

“The process to develop Deakin’s new strategic plan has been a thorough and careful one. I would like to thank our community for their incredible engagement during the consultation process, despite the many challenges we have faced this year,” Professor Martin said.

“The world has changed over the last 12 months, but the heart of what makes us Deakin remains: excellence in both education and research, leadership in digital capability and distance education, a commitment to Indigenous Knowledges and equity, and the desire to ensure that our impact makes a real difference for our students and communities, locally and globally.”

“These qualities will serve us well over the next decade, as we aim to be Australia’s most progressive and responsive university, working to help realise the best future for our communities.”

Read the Deakin 2030: Ideas to Impact strategy:

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