Deakin ready to welcome and support international students

Media release
10 June 2020

Statement from Vice-Chancellor Professor Iain Martin:

"At Deakin, students are the heart of our University. Their energy and talent is central to our thriving culture, and they have helped build our reputation as a world-class education and research institution. We are proud that Deakin has been rated as the best student experience in Victoria for the last 11 years in a row.

"Our international students are a valued part of our community and have made immeasurable contributions to the University. This is something we have never taken for granted, and we will continue to ensure they are welcome, supported and nurtured to achieve their best.

"From the outset of the pandemic, Deakin has supported all of our international students who have been impacted by the rapid closure of borders, and other changes, across the world. This is particularly true for our Chinese international students, many of whom had returned to their homeland to visit family and friends, and were then unable to travel back to Australia to commence or continue their studies.

"We were aware of the potential for discrimination of these students in our broader community, and immediately launched our 'Be Brave!' support campaign. This campaign promoted the need for solidarity and empathy among our students, staff and partners. We also provided $25 million in additional hardship support for international students who were in Australia and facing significant financial challenge.

"Australia is one of the safest, welcoming and most successful multicultural communities in the world. Australia has had one of the world's most effective responses to the coronavirus pandemic. This positions us as a highly desirable destination for aspiring students who want to study here and are seeking an experience that is distinctively Australian with a global outlook.

"Deakin stands ready to welcome and support returning international students. We will continue to do everything we can to ensure their safety and wellbeing. With the reopening of our campuses now on the horizon, we look forward to welcoming new enrolments from students all around the world, including China."

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