AI and the Internet of Things on international study tour programs

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16 March 2020

Students from Deakin University’s School of Information Technology had the opportunity to further develop their global citizen skills as well as their IT skills during international programs in India and Vietnam.

In Chennai, India, a group of Deakin students undertook a study tour and internship program on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in cyber security. Dr Morshed Chowdhury, senior lecturer in the School of IT, led the tour.

‘The six-week program was organised by our partner institute Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) with the cooperation of Cyber Security Company K-7,’ Dr Chowdhury explains.

‘During a two-week study tour at VIT, our students learned basic AI. After the completion of the basic AI course, students undertook a four-week internship program at K7 Academy.

‘At K7, students received hands-on experience in cyber security, particularly vulnerability assessment and mitigation, network monitoring, malware detection and application of AI in network traffic monitoring.’

Dr Thuong Hoang, senior lecturer in virtual and augmented reality at Deakin, led a study tour and internship program to Vietnam in November last year, completed in partnership with FPT Education.

‘The students completed a two-week study tour program in Da Nang, Vietnam, with a 30-hour short course on the Internet of Things,’ Dr Hoang says.

‘The program included a well-balanced mix of cultural and learning activities, including city tours, a Vietnamese language class and a cooking class, company visits and invited industry VIP talks. At the end of the program, the students participated in a 24-hour challenge to build group projects together with local Vietnamese students.’

For the internship, Dr Hoang says students could choose from two major cities in Vietnam – Hanoi or Da Nang – to immerse themselves for a month in the professional working culture of Vietnamese IT companies of all sizes, from multi-national corporations to SME. The program also provided an orientation week to help ease the students to the cultural transition of working in Vietnam.

Dr Hoang says the students found both programs extremely useful, allowing them to ‘experience new cultures, explore Vietnam and get hands-on experience with technology’ as well as ‘make friends with local students and learn new things from each other'.

Dr Xiao Liu is Associate Head of School (International) in Deakin’s School of IT.

‘International study tours and internship programs are most important to prepare our students for the international market as global citizens,’ Dr Liu says.

‘Over the years, the School of IT has been working closely with our international partners across the world such as in India, China, Vietnam and Europe to organise some fantastic programs. These programs also play a significant role in strengthening our partnerships and promoting Deakin to the world.’

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