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05 March 2018

A celebration of the work of female maths and IT research students from Deakin University’s School of Information Technology was held late last year at Deakin Downtown.

Professor Lynn Batten, Chair in Mathematics at Deakin, organised the event.

‘Deakin’s School of Information Technology has a vibrant group of young women doing research in mathematics and computing,’ Professor Batten explains.

‘The event at Deakin Downtown in November was to showcase this group, with four presenting their work to our guest audience.’

Presentations ranged from the issue of unpermitted tagging on social media photos (Lihong Tang) to equation solving techniques in the RSA cryptosystem (Ruvidunu Karunaratne), to the impact of security issues on customer satisfaction in e-commerce (Negar Fard) and the aspirations of female undergraduate IT students (Sophie McKenzie).

Guests also heard from two invited speakers. Jacqui Loustau, Associate Director, Cybercrime at the ANZ and founder of the Australian Women in Security Network, pointed out that with the rapid developments in technology, the jobs students will eventually take most likely do not yet exist, but will develop in the coming years. Maia Angelova, Professor of Data Analytics and Machine Learning at Deakin, discussed whether a mathematical model can help to establish and treat diabetes.

‘The day was a great success,’ Professor Batten says. ‘So if you are looking for an exciting career in a dynamic, inclusive environment, I suggest considering information technology at Deakin’.

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