Message from the Vice-Chancellor (dKin Times alumni newsletter - January 2020)

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28 January 2020

Welcome to a new year and a new decade!

As we all return to work and the holidays fade into a memory, I hope you turn your attention to the exciting year ahead. This year we look forward to connecting with you and welcoming new graduates into the Alumni Community.

I acknowledge that for many in our community, it is hard to look forward with the devastating start to the fire season. It is easy to feel powerless as this beautiful country burns, and I encourage you to continue to pay close attention to the emergency broadcasters, look out for each other and take very good care of yourselves.

We have spent considerable time looking for a way that Deakin can make a meaningful contribution to those directly impacted by the bushfires. We have established up to 25 Bushfire Accommodation Scholarships to support impacted students with their studies in 2020.

These scholarships, each valued at around $12,000, will cover the yearly cost of student accommodation and are available across all of our campuses. You can learn more about these scholarships on the Deakin website.

I would also like to acknowledge those in our community who have volunteered to defend and support the fire affected communities. Your kindness and bravery have a real impact on those who need it most.


Professor Iain Martin

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