Virtual reality project drives national recognition for innovative engineering

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24 August 2020

Deakin University's Dr Michael Mortimer is on Engineers Australia's list of Australia's Most Innovative Engineers 2020 for his work on the award-winning Hector VR virtual reality driving simulator for older drivers.

Hector VR was developed by Deakin in collaboration with McLean Care. Through the use of virtual reality, Hector VR aims to provide drivers with important information to help them make an informed decision about their driving in a private, safe and non-intrusive environment.

Dr Mortimer, an Industry Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Deakin’s School of Engineering, led development on Hector VR and undertook user evaluations.

‘Being part of the Hector VR project was an amazing experience, the collaboration between Deakin University and industry partner McLean Care showed what can be achieved when industry and academia work together to apply research solutions to real-world problems,’ Dr Mortimer says.

‘The most rewarding aspect of the project was interacting with the older participants who embraced Hector VR and understood the importance of research and the role they played in evaluating the solution.’

Dr Mortimer described making Engineers Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers list this year as a ‘pleasant surprise’, saying it is an achievement he could not have done alone.

‘I couldn’t have done it without the strong support from the team at Deakin’s VR Lab and the opportunity provided by the Federal Government, Deakin University and McLean Care who came together to undertake such an innovative project!’

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