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Waste to high-value products: The performance and potential of carboxymethylcellulose hydrogels via the circular economy

Prabhpreet Kaur, Himadri Bohidar, David Nisbet, Frederick Pfeffer, Aaqil Rifai, Richard Williams, Ruchi Agrawal

(2023), Cellulose, C1

journal article

Hybrid Self-Assembling Peptide/Gelatin Methacrylate (GelMA) Bioink Blend for Improved BioPrintability and Primary Myoblast Response

Mitchell Boyd-Moss, Kate Firipis, Anita Quigley, Aaqil Rifai, Artur Cichocki, Sarah Whitty, Catherine Ngan, Chaitali Dekiwadia, Benjamin Long, David Nisbet, Robert Kapsa, Richard Williams

(2022), Vol. 2, pp. 1-14, Advanced NanoBiomed Research, Weinheim, Germany, C1

journal article

Liquid metal polymer composite: Flexible, conductive, biocompatible, and antimicrobial scaffold

S Houshyar, A Rifai, R Zizhou, C Dekiwadia, M Booth, S John, K Fox, V Truong

(2022), Vol. 110, pp. 1131-1139, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials, London, Eng., C1

journal article

Self-assembled peptide habitats to model tumor metastasis

Noora Al Balushi, Mitchell Boyd-Moss, Rasika Samarasinghe, Aaqil Rifai, Stephanie Franks, Kate Firipis, Benjamin Long, Ian Darby, David Nisbet, Dodie Pouniotis, Richard Williams

(2022), Vol. 8, pp. 1-16, Gels, Basel, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Multifunctional Sutures with Temperature Sensing and Infection Control

S Houshyar, A Bhattacharyya, A Khalid, A Rifai, C Dekiwadia, G Kumar, P Tran, K Fox

(2021), Vol. 21, Macromolecular Bioscience, Germany, C1

journal article

Highly uniform polycrystalline diamond coatings of three-dimensional structures

A Rifai, D Creedon, N Tran, M Hejazi, D Garrett, A Greentree, E Pirogova, A Stacey, K Fox

(2021), Vol. 408, Surface and Coatings Technology, C1

journal article

Progress towards 3D-printing diamond for medical implants: A review

Aaqil Rifai, Shadi Houshyar, Kate Fox

(2021), Vol. 1, pp. 1-12, Annals of 3D Printed Medicine, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Diamond in the Rough: Toward Improved Materials for the Bone-Implant Interface

J Fong, M Booth, A Rifai, K Fox, A Gelmi

(2021), Vol. 10, Advanced Healthcare Materials, Germany, C1

journal article

Replace and repair: Biomimetic bioprinting for effective muscle engineering

C Blake, O Massey, M Boyd-Moss, K Firipis, A Rifai, S Franks, A Quigley, R Kapsa, D Nisbet, R Williams

(2021), Vol. 5, APL Bioengineering, United States, C1

journal article

Osteoblast Cell Response on Polycrystalline Diamond-Coated Additively Manufactured Scaffolds

A Rifai, N Tran, V Leitch, M Booth, R Williams, K Fox

(2021), Vol. 4, pp. 7509-7516, ACS Applied Bio Materials, Washington, D.C., C1

journal article

Shining a light on the hidden structure of gelatin methacryloyl bioinks using small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS)

M Boyd-Moss, K Firipis, C O'Connell, A Rifai, A Quigley, G Boer, B Long, D Nisbet, R Williams

(2021), Vol. 5, pp. 8025-8036, Materials Chemistry Frontiers, C1

journal article

Hybrid diamond/ carbon fiber microelectrodes enable multimodal electrical/chemical neural interfacing

M Hejazi, W Tong, A Stacey, A Soto-Breceda, M Ibbotson, M Yunzab, M Maturana, A Almasi, Y Jung, S Sun, H Meffin, J Fang, M Stamp, K Ganesan, K Fox, A Rifai, A Nadarajah, S Falahatdoost, S Prawer, N Apollo, D Garrett

(2020), Vol. 230, Biomaterials, Netherlands, C1

journal article

Polypropylene-nanodiamond composite for hernia mesh

S Houshyar, A Sarker, A Jadhav, G Kumar, A Bhattacharyya, R Nayak, R Shanks, T Saha, A Rifai, R Padhye, K Fox

(2020), Vol. 111, Materials Science and Engineering C, Netherlands, C1

journal article

3D-Printed Diamond-Titanium Composite: A Hybrid Material for Implant Engineering

K Fox, N Mani, A Rifai, P Reineck, A Jones, P Tran, A Ramezannejad, M Brandt, B Gibson, A Greentree, N Tran

(2020), Vol. 3, pp. 29-36, ACS Applied Bio Materials, Washington, D.C., C1

journal article

Diamond in medical devices and sensors: an overview of diamond surfaces

Nour Mani, Aaqil Rifai, Shadi Houshyar, Marsilea Booth, Kate Fox

(2020), Vol. 3, pp. 1-13, Medical devices and sensors, Chichester, Eng., C1

journal article

Rational design of additively manufactured Ti6Al4V implants to control Staphylococcus aureus biofilm formation

A Sarker, N Tran, A Rifai, M Brandt, P Tran, M Leary, K Fox, R Williams

(2019), Vol. 5, Materialia, C1

journal article

Engineering the interface: nanodiamond coating on 3D-printed titanium promotes mammalian cell growth and inhibits Staphylococcus aureus colonization

A Rifai, N Tran, P Reineck, A Elbourne, E Mayes, A Sarker, C Dekiwadia, E Ivanova, R Crawford, T Ohshima, B Gibson, A Greentree, E Pirogova, K Fox

(2019), Vol. 11, pp. 24588-24597, ACS applied materials and interfaces, Washington, D.C., C1

journal article

Nanodiamond/poly-ε-caprolactone nanofibrous scaffold for wound management

S Houshyar, G Kumar, A Rifai, N Tran, R Nayak, R Shanks, R Padhye, K Fox, A Bhattacharyya

(2019), Vol. 100, pp. 378-387, Materials Science and Engineering C, Netherlands, C1

journal article

Angle defines attachment: Switching the biological response to titanium interfaces by modifying the inclination angle during selective laser melting

A Sarker, N Tran, A Rifai, J Elambasseril, M Brandt, R Williams, M Leary, K Fox

(2018), Vol. 154, pp. 326-339, Materials and design, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Polycrystalline Diamond Coating of Additively Manufactured Titanium for Biomedical Applications

A Rifai, N Tran, D Lau, A Elbourne, H Zhan, A Stacey, E Mayes, A Sarker, E Ivanova, R Crawford, P Tran, B Gibson, A Greentree, E Pirogova, K Fox

(2018), Vol. 10, pp. 8474-8484, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, United States, C1

journal article

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