Dr Alexia Maddox



Lecturer in Communication


Faculty of Arts and Education


SCCA Arts & Ed


Melbourne Burwood Campus

Biography summary

I am a digital sociologist with research interests in the social impacts of technology, including social media and digital networked technologies.  I imagine my work as studying digital frontiers and generally conduct communities studies with stigmatised populations using technology to create and connect in emerging spaces online. To do this work, I have had to specialise in research methods and am fascinated by the different ways that we can conduct research in these frontier spaces of social experimentation. My recent book, ‘Research Methods and Global Online Communities: a case study’ with Routledge presents an approach to mixed-methods research and is written to support postgraduate and early career researchers in exploring these evolving social spaces through a myriad of techniques.


Deakin Univeristy (Lecturer in Communicaitons) and RMIT univeristy (research consultant). 

Knowledge areas

Digital community; Social ecology; Digital networked technologies; Social Science research methodology including survey design, social media analysis, mixed methods studies, participant observation and digital ethnography.


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