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Evaluating the impact of simulation-based education on clinical psychology students' confidence and clinical competence

J Sheen, W Sutherland‐Smith, E Thompson, G Youssef, A Dudley, R King, K Hall, N Dowling, C Gurtman, J McGillivray

(2021), Vol. 25, pp. 271-282, Clinical Psychologist, C1

journal article

A New Reality: The Role of Simulated Learning Activities in Postgraduate Psychology Training Programs

J Paparo, G Beccaria, D Canoy, A Chur-Hansen, J Conti, H Correia, A Dudley, C Gooi, S Hammond, P Kavanagh, M Monfries, K Norris, M Oxlad, R Rooney, A Sawyer, J Sheen, S Xenos, K Yap, M Thielking

(2021), Vol. 6, Frontiers in Education, C1

journal article

Investigating the Impact of Isolation During COVID-19 on Family Functioning - An Australian Snapshot

J Sheen, A Aridas, P Tchernegovski, A Dudley, J McGillivray, A Reupert

(2021), Vol. 12, Frontiers in Psychology, Switzerland, C1

journal article

Occupational risks during clinical placement: key stakeholder perceptions

J Sheen, E Graj, A Dudley, B Wallace, W Sutherland-Smith, V Kavadas, R Roberts, M Proeve, S Littler, G Clark, D Dunstan

(2020), Vol. 55, pp. 73-88, Australian psychologist, Chichester, Eng., C1

journal article

Barriers and facilitators of sport and physical activity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and adolescents: A mixed studies systematic review

T May, A Dudley, J Charles, K Kennedy, A Mantilla, J McGillivray, K Wheeler, H Elston, N Rinehart

(2020), Vol. 20, BMC Public Health, England, C1

journal article

Enhancing student competency in risky clinical environments: evaluating an online education program

E Graj, J Sheen, A Dudley, W Sutherland-Smith, J McGillivray

(2019), Vol. 54, pp. 68-79, Australian psychologist, Chichester, Eng., C1

journal article

Adverse events reported by anxious school refusing adolescents receiving cognitive behavioral therapy with and without fluoxetine

G Melvin, L Finnin, J Taffe, A Dudley, E Klimkeit, M Gordon, B Tonge

(2019), Vol. 24, pp. 892-905, Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry, England, C1

journal article

Adverse health events associated with clinical placement: a systematic review

Ella Graj, Jade Sheen, Amanda Dudley, Wendy Sutherland-Smith

(2019), Vol. 76, pp. 178-190, Nurse education today, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1

journal article

Augmenting cognitive behavior therapy for school refusal with fluoxetine: a randomized controlled trial

G Melvin, A Dudley, M Gordon, E Klimkeit, E Gullone, J Taffe, B Tonge

(2017), Vol. 48, pp. 485-497, Child psychiatry and human development, New York, United States, C1-1

journal article

Enhancing students' clinical competence in risky environments through a blended simulation-based learning program

J Sheen, W Sutherland-Smith, A Dudley, L Boyd, J McGillivray

(2016), pp. 316-320, Fifth International Conference on Violence in the Health Sector : Broadening our View - Responding Together, Dublin, Ireland, E1


What happens to depressed adolescents? A follow-up study into early adulthood

G Melvin, A Dudley, M Gordon, S Ford, J Taffe, B Tonge

(2013), Vol. 151, pp. 298-305, Journal of Affective Disorders, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1-1

journal article

A case-control study of emotion regulation and school refusal in children and adolescents

E Hughes, E Gullone, A Dudley, B Tonge

(2010), Vol. 30, pp. 691-706, Journal of early adolescence, London, Eng., C1-1

journal article

Investigation of consumer satisfaction with cognitive-behaviour therapy and sertraline in the treatment of adolescent depression

A Dudley, G Melvin, N Williams, Tonge Bruce J., N King

(2005), Vol. 39, pp. 500-506, Australian & New Zealand journal of psychiatry, London, Eng., C1-1

journal article

Empirically supported treatments for insomnia

N King, A Dudley, G Melvin, J Pallant, D Morawetz

(2001), Vol. 30, pp. 23-32, Scandinavian journal of behaviour therapy, Oslo, Norway, C1-1

journal article

Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

Risk Aware: Enhancing students¿ clinical competence in risky environments through blended simulation- based learning.

A/Prof Jade Sheen, Prof Jane McGillivray, A/Prof Wendy Sutherland-Smith, Ms Amanda Dudley, Dr Sue Littler, Dr Rachel Roberts, Dr Michael Proeve, Prof Reg Nixon, A/Prof Carmela Pestell, Dr Katie Bunch, Ms Louise Alexander, Mr Matthew Johnson

OLT Innovation and Development Grants - Office for Learning and Teaching

  • 2016: $180,222

Industry and Other Funding

Emotional Regulation and Impulse Control (ERIC) in Stonington education services. A translational research initiative to support student wellbeing.

Dr Kate Hall, Ms Amanda Dudley


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  • 2020: $9,848
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