Dr Ana Mantilla



Senior Research Fellow


Faculty of Health


School of Psychology


Melbourne Burwood Campus


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Barriers and facilitators of sport and physical activity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and adolescents: a mixed studies systematic review

T May, Amanda Dudley, James Charles, K Kennedy, A Mantilla, Jane McGillivray, Keane Wheeler, Hope Elston, Nicole Rinehart

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Digital technology use by and with young children: a systematic review for the Statement on Young Children and Digital Technologies

A Mantilla Benitez, S Edwards

(2019), Vol. 44, pp. 182-195, Australasian journal of early childhood, London, Eng., C1


The role of cultural tools and motive objects in early childhood teachers' curriculum decision-making about digital and popular culture play

J Nuttall, S Edwards, S Grieshaber, E Wood, A Mantilla Benitez, T Katiba, J Bartlett

(2019), Vol. 45, pp. 790-800, Professional development in education, Abingdon, Eng., C1


Young children's everyday concepts about the internet: A platform for cyber-safety education in the early years

S Edwards, A Nolan, M Henderson, A Mantilla, L Plowman, H Skouteris

(2018), Vol. 49, pp. 45-55, British journal of educational technology, London, Eng., C1


Young children and digital technology: Australian early childhood education and care sector adults' perspectives

J Zabatiero, L Straker, A Mantilla Benitez, S Edwards, S Danby

(2018), Vol. 43, pp. 14-22, Australasian journal of early childhood, London, Eng., C1


Teacher practices for building young children's concepts of the internet through play-based learning

A Mantilla Benitez, M Henderson, H Skouteris, L Plowman

(2018), Vol. 40, pp. 29-50, Educational practice and theory, Albert Park, Vic., C1


Young children learning about well-being and environmental education in the early years: a funds of knowledge approach

S Edwards, H Skouteris, A Cutter-Mackenzie, L Rutherford, M O Conner, A Mantilla, H Morris, S Elliot

(2016), Vol. 36, pp. 33-50, Early years: an international journal of research and development, London, Eng, C1


Feasibility of conducting a randomized trial to promote healthy eating, active play and sustainability awareness in early childhood curricula

H Morris, H Skouteris, S Edwards, L Rutherford, A Cutter-Mackenzie, A O'Connor, A Mantilla, T Huang, K Lording, J Williams-Smith

(2016), Vol. 186, pp. 1752-1764, Early child development and care, London, Eng., C1


Developing a measure to understand young children's internet cognition and cyber-safety awareness: a pilot test

A Nolan, S Edwards, M Henderson, H Skouteris, A Mantilla, P Lambert, J Bird

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The role of motive objects in early childhood teacher development concerning children's digital play and play-based learning in early childhood curricula

J Nuttall, S Edwards, A Mantilla Benitez, S Grieshaber, E Wood

(2015), Vol. 41, pp. 222-235, Professional development in education, Abingdon, Eng., C1


A Cultural-Historical Analysis of Play as an Activity Setting in Early Childhood Education Views From Research and From Teachers

Marilyn Fleer, Holli Tonyan, Ana Mantilla Benitez, C Rivalland

(2009), pp. 292-312, Childhood studies and the impact of globalization : policies and practices at global and local levels, London, Eng., B1-1


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Prof Nicole Rinehart, Prof Jane McGillivray, Dr Ana Mantilla, Dr James Charles, A/Prof Angela Dew

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  • 2018: $250,000
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