Ms Andrea Hernan



Dean???s Research Postdoctoral Fellow


Faculty of Health


School of Medicine


Warrnambool Campus

+61 3 556 33505


Dr Andrea Hernan is a Dean's Research Postdoctoral Fellow at Deakin Rural Health. 

Andrea is a mixed methods health services implementation researcher and has has worked in academia since since 2008. Andrea has a PhD and a bachelor of public health and health promotion.

Andrea has lead and been involved in various research projects during her academic career with her main focus including patient safety and quality in healthcare, quality improvement, and type 2 diabetes prevention. Other research projects have investigated weight misperception in diabetes prevention, recruitment and retention for rural allied health professionals, and help seeking for depression among rural adolescents.

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Research interests

Public Health
Health Promotion
Safety and Quality of Health Care
Qualitative methodology
Patients and consumers
Primary Health Care
Type 2 Diabetes Prevention
Rural Health
Social Determinants of Health


Health Systems Global 
North American Primary Care Research Group 
International Implementation Research Network in Primary Care 
Australian Health Promotion Association 


2017 - Flinders University Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences Student Publication Award
2015 - Flinders University Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences Student Publication Award
2014 - Flinders University Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences Student Publication Award


Current projects

2020-2023: Dean's Rearch Postdoctoral Fellowship "Patient feedback for safety improvement in Australian primary care"

2019-2024: NHMRC "Holistic Approach in Primary care for PreventIng Memory Impairment aNd Dementia (HAPPI MIND)" (Associate Investigator) - $1.9mil

2018-2019: Western Alliance Project Grant "Patient Measure of Safety in Primary Care: pilot study of an intervention to improve safety in rural Victoria" (Principal Investigator) - $87,348

2018: "Meeting the needs of patients with multiple health conditions" (Associate Investigator) Internally funded by Deakin University

2017-2018: "Evaluation of a Distributed and Collaborative Approach for the Delivery of Simulation Training in Rural Areas: The Perspective from Nurse Educators" (Associate Investigator) Internally funded by Deakin University


Involvement in completed major projects

2015: Centre for Research Excellence in Primary Health Care Microsystems 2015 Extension: Towards building better primary health care. Funded by Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute - $150,000

2010-2014: Centre of Excellence in Primary Health Care Microsystems. Funded by Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute - $2,500,000 

2009-2013: Melbourne Diabetes Prevention Study (MDPS): Life! Diabetes Prevention Program: A Randomised Control Trial of its Efficacy, Effectiveness and Cost Effectiveness. Funded by: National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) - $833,000

2004-2006: Greater Green Triangle Diabetes Prevention Project (GGT DPP). Funded by Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing - $177,827


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Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

Integration of pharmacy services across the Barwon Southwest region.

A/Prof Kevin Mc Namara, Mr Paul Crosland, Dr Kate Kloot, Ms Andrea Hernan, Mrs Hannah Beks, A/Prof Vincent Versace

  • 2018: $40,000

Industry and Other Funding

Patient measure of safety in primary care: pilot study of an intervention to improve safety in rural Victoria

Ms Andrea Hernan, A/Prof Vincent Versace, Dr Kevin McNamara, Dr Kate Kloot, Mrs Hannah Beks, Dr Marley Binder, Dr Vivienne Ramsbottom

  • 2019: $53,965
  • 2018: $33,382

A participatory evaluation of a community-developed mobile health clinic

Mrs Hannah Beks, A/Prof Vincent Versace, Dr Kevin McNamara, A/Prof James Charles, Ms Andrea Hernan, Ms Geraldine Ewing, Prof Amanda Kenny

  • 2020: $2,909

Evaluation of the expansion of telehealth through primary care in Australia.

Prof Anna Peeters, Prof Elizabeth Manias, A/Prof Kevin Mc Namara, A/Prof Vincent Versace, Ms Andrea Hernan, A/Prof Martin Hensher, Prof Marj Moodie, Dr Lan Gao, Prof Liliana Orellana, Prof Andrea Driscoll, Prof Bodil Rasmussen, Prof Peter Vuillermin, Dr Kate Anderson

  • 2020: $24,250


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